Steve Jobs and John Lasseter, 1995 Steve Jobs and John Lasseter, 1995

Steve Jobs and John Lasseter, 1995

It’s rare to see Steve Jobs speak about his company Pixar. Here’s an interview where he does that with John Lasseter and Charlie Rose in 1995 following the completion of Toy Story. Jobs gets the release date of Snow White wrong by nine years, but nobody’s perfect.

(Thanks, Chris Padilla)

  • And it’s not like we had Wikipedia back then so the number of people who would have noticed (or cared) would have been pretty tiny anyway.

  • Joe

    He’s only 2 years off on Snow White… 60 years before 1995 would be 1935.

  • Joe

    Oops, I guess he said 60 years, but then said 1928… spoke too soon before I watched the whole clip.
    Also is it just me or does John Lasseter look weird NOT wearing a Hawaiian shirt?

  • tgentry

    Interesting, but I really wish someone else had done the interviewing. I think Charlie Rose was more interested in hearing himself talk, to the point of interrupting and answering questions for them. A waste of Steve Jobs and John Lassester together in one room IMO. Still an interesting artifact that reminds us that CG animation was once a strange, scary thing.

    • Chris Webb

      You said it! Charlie Rose is a terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible interviewer.

  • Bud

    Charlie Rose is off his game here. So lazy in his preparation, and annoying in his spastic style of questioning.

    • RichT

      His constant interruptions and utterly banal line of questioning makes this an difficult watch. Was/Is this guy a famous host, he’s woefully under-prepared and mis-informed.

  • Vince

    Charlie Rose wasn’t off his game as his last question was the best one. “Are we gonna come back here in 5 years and find you’re off in some other business?” Yes, changing the world.

    • Bud

      HA! I stand corrected!

  • Chelsea

    You can just see the look of “Why isn’t this guy listening to a single thing I’m telling him?” written all over John’s face.

    Charlie just keeps putting words in their mouth… Nevertheless, a nice blast from the past.

  • Chris Padilla

    Did anyone notice the comment Jobs made about The Beatles as his inspiration for his business model? He was stating how necessary it is to put together a caliber team that inspires one another. Simply refer to the team of directors that launched Pixar’s first features. Jobs recognized the value of in-house collaboration and was supportive of Lasseter putting such a team together – and continued encouraging that kind of creative atmosphere at the studio. And that is what’s behind the success of Pixar. Compare the way Eisner tried to manage Pixar when he threatened to produce Pixar properties without using Pixar

  • Justin

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  • E. Nygma

    It is so weird to hear jobs talk about Next computers! Jobs was such a cool guy. So smart and always seemed to find the next big thing.

    Pixar and Apple are my two favorite companies, so I am a bit biased.

  • Uhuru Johnson IV

    Jeffrey Katzenberg also was once quoted as citing the Beatles as his business/creative model. Nobody EVER picks Spade Cooley.

  • Charlie Rose talks too much. God!