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“Alfred Skimmy’s Catch of the Day” by Peter Lowey

Melbourne Australia-based animator Peter Lowey made this bizarre little delight in two weeks as his entry in the Graphic Sydney Competition. That explains it.

  • Mr. James

    Can we give Alfred Skimmy his own talk show, PLEASE?!! I’ll support any kickstarter project he comes up with! Love it. No idea why it’s funny but it just is. I laughed several times, especially the part where he introduces himself to the homeless dude and then zips away.

  • Spencer

    Wonderful animation, but why can’t some animators get the sound editing right? It’s not that difficult and it’s like an injustice to your own work when you’ve spent that much time on such awesome animation to throw away that experience.

    • Peter Lowey

      I was putting the sound together on After Effects only minutes away from the deadline, i only had one chance to render, thats how fast it was all put together. After the competition i plan to fix the sound errors. Im just glad a made the competition.

      • Spencer

        Gotcha’! Either way, your animations astound me. Really fantastic stuff.

      • Mr. James

        Personally Peter I kind of liked the sound the way it was. The animation was lo-fi and the sound had the same quality which I felt added to my personal experience and initial reaction to the animation. Don’t change a thing!


  • Alfred Skimmy you’re my hero :’)
    Awesome character, great job Peter.