“Bhavri” by Sonia Tiwari “Bhavri” by Sonia Tiwari

“Bhavri” by Sonia Tiwari

Created at The Academy Of Art University in San Francisco, Bhavri, by Northern California-based animator Sonia Tiwari is just off the festival circuit – and now online. It’s a cute little film, more an exercise in design and eye-candy color theories, but nonetheless a bittersweet fable about life and death.

  • Nic

    The music, patterns, and colors are beautiful in this. The story was also very different from the usual, which is a nice change. Well done :)!

  • GW

    I enjoyed the colorful visuals. I think they strike a good balance between radiant colors and colors blended with neutrals. In general I’d say that there’s a general strategy of bright colors aided by duller colors which keep the general richness of continuous color while acting as the neutrals. Two other interesting traits are the atmospheric perspective over the ornamental patterns outside and the lighting inside which substitutes for shadows. The dynamic wall coloring substituting for explicit shadows helps give the story a subtle quality where it has a model-like appearance of reality without the dull intrusion of shadows.

  • Sam

    nice story and cute characters! also, the exploration of 2D as flashback is well executed.