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“Foley Flip” by Oli Putland

UK animator/illustrator Oli Putland (we posted his Easter Eggs earlier this year) created this video named Foley Flip – an experiment in animating different styles to various found sound effects. Very inspirational – and fun!

(Thanks, Stav Levi)

  • Really fun stuff! It was a treat to see how he’d resolve the audio in a creative manner each time.

  • Mapache

    Is good to see a short film that does not simply rely on a particular sense of style in order to prove its autenticity.

  • Proper stuff. This would be a great lesson for animation students. Bonus points to Oli Putland for owning such a name. Very fitting

  • Geoff

    That was great! Unique, creative and inspirational! It’s a great creative experiment to take a sound and make an original cause to the noise.
    Plus the different styles…! Brilliant!

  • Wow! I’m thrilled to have been mentioned again on this brilliant site! I had no idea until just now! Thankyou all so muc, everyone is being so supportive. If anyone’s interested, ive uploaded a couple of other films recently which are visible on the same youtube channel as Foley Flip. I hope to make other bonkers stuff in the future for everyone- spurred on by this sort of response! I really appreciate it. Bless you! X