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Regina Pessoa’s Flipbook Puts Other Flipbooks To Shame

Filmmaker Regina Pessoa (Tragic Story With Happy Ending) has put out a flipbook for her latest short Kali, the Little Vampire. This is not your typical flipbook though. Depending on where you flip it, the flipbook displays six—yes, SIX—different scenes from the film. Even after watching the video, I can’t figure out how it works, but I’m guessing voodoo magic. You can purchase your own magical Kali flipbook for 7.50€. Email ciclope (at) ciclopefilmes (dot) com for info.

  • The pages are cut at different angles, allowing different sections to be showcased.

    • Steve Segal

      This is a classic magic trick, usually done with a coloring book, blank pages turn to line drawings, then full color. It’s fun to see how diffgerent magicians add businees to the trick.

  • I’m guessing it has some sort of tab system so that every third page has a top tab, then every second page has a middle tab and every first page has a bottom tab or something like that. So flipping the top tab area grabs the other two pages effectively skipping them and allowing for the 3 different image sequences per side…

  • Spoiler alert : the following idea can break the magic.
    I think the trick is to get something like a little offset every 3 pages in the bottom (pages 1, 4, 7, 10, …) middle (pages 2, 5, 8,…) and top (pages 3, 6, 9,…) of the edge. So you jump 2 pages depending on where you finger is. Smart !

    Edit : actually you can see the cut used in the angles while fliping in the video :)
    So smart ! I love the idea :)

  • How it works: depends where you put your fingers, which scene it’s gonna display.

  • FelixSputnik

    There are almost transparent sheets of sliced Vampire between the pages.

    Pages 1,4,7… have the longest slices, 2,5,8, slightly shorter and so on.

    As Vampires disintegrate when exposed to light, the first flip removes a third of the Vampire slices, skipping over the 2 pages between them.the second flip removes a third more, until the last run flips unhindered.

    That is why the movie above only shows one set of 6 flips.

    The operator then has to retire to a dark room, illuminated only by an unholy candle and reload the Vampire slices.

    The slices can be ordered prepacked in opaque plastic pouches from


  • You’re all wrong. Amid’s right. VOODOO MAGIC.

  • Peter Huestis

    The way it works is similar to how some magicians’ rigged card decks work.