“Superman’s Best Friend” by Brett Underhill “Superman’s Best Friend” by Brett Underhill

“Superman’s Best Friend” by Brett Underhill

Friggin’ hilarious, beautifully designed – and you’ll never see this on DC Nation! Safe for work, but let’s just say if “Mr. Hanky” offends you, do NOT watch. Brooklyn-based filmmaker Brett Underhill can really tell a story with minimalist movements, but what’s more important here is that he made me laugh.

  • Toonio

    Guess Krypto alone could provide affordable housing to hundreds of families after eating a big bag of nibbles and bits.

  • The superb design totally sells it. I love these vector based graphics and would like to see more of this sort of thing in animation.

  • Van

    Wonderful and refreshing! Nice designs as well.

  • Sean P

    I laughed pretty hard! Great production! I would get a sound editor to help out though, it’s definitely worth it.

  • Joakim Gunnarsson

    Call me stupid, but I din’t understand what happened in the end of the story. Or *why* it happened.
    Was it a funny story because the dog peed and poo melted the snow? Or maybe I missed some “inside” jokes here, that a Superman fan would get?
    To me this was just confusing and un-funny.

    • Schultz!!!!!

      It’s a reference to Richard Donner’s 1978 Superman movie wherein Superman used a magic crystal from Kypton to create his crystalline Fortress of Solitude.

      The first level of humor comes from the juxtaposition of dog urine and feces with a well known fantasy character often associated with feel good qualities and lowest common denominator nationalism. This is pretty much the most simplistic and uncreative humor writing possible.

      The second level of humor comes from someone actually spending the time and using creditable animation skills to present such a lame joke. This is the part that, I suspect, makes most adults laugh when watching this cartoon.

  • paul

    Didn’t get it. At all. Pacing & timing seemed off to me. Lots of waiting around for something to happen. Looooooong, drawn out and repetitive shots covering the same ground without exposing the audience to anything new.
    Could have been half as long and still as good.

    Still, love the style. Good effort. Not easy making this kind of stuff. Keep at it.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I could live without the long gratuitous shot of the dog doing his thing.

  • Someguy

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  • Paul M

    Almost ashamed to admit how funny I found this… helps if you are old enough to remember the first Superman movie – or if you ever walked a big dog.