“The Renter” by Jason Carpenter “The Renter” by Jason Carpenter

“The Renter” by Jason Carpenter

I’ve been a fan of Jason Carpenter’s haunting student film, The Renter, since I first saw it – when it was nominated for an Annie Award in 2010. Amid interviewed Carpenter about the film back then and it has since gone on to great acclaim at festivals around the world, winning prizes at Ottawa and Anima Mundi. Finally, it’s online and we are especially proud that Jason allowed Cartoon Brew to be the first to post it.

  • Beautiful film. Great work.

  • Mac

    I remember seeing some version of this at school. It’s really great to see a CalArtian choosing a film they really stand by enough to continue to refine as a filmmaker instead of a cynically calculated portfolio piece. Most of the people who comment here though are the people who told us that we’d never get to make films after we graduated, the same people who get Brew postings on Wreck It Ralph and the Oogieloves to a 100 comments. Can’t wait to see what an artist like Jason does next.

    • Mac

      I take back the word cynical, that does not respect the economics, the survivalism and desperation of the whole situation everyone faces in college, in this country, in this time.

  • Chris

    Fantastic. I loved all of it. Really, really, really compelling. Great last shot. Great music score. Terrific design. The animation had wonderful moments, like the renter closing the door while he looks at the kid – really creepy and funny at the same time. Loved the story, kinda David Lynch-ish. Loved the film grain effect. Amazing, one of the best cartoons I’ve seen since “The Terrible Thing Of Alpha Nine.” Please make more films.

  • Thanks for posting. This is one of my very favourites.

  • Thanks for the support and great feedback! I’d love to make more films. I’ve been giving it a lot of thought.

  • A fantastic film. Shout outs to the brilliant score too.

  • I loved this. The last shot in particular, and also the lingering shots (on the renter, and the grandmother, closing doors) – enough to cause a bit of discomfort and humour.