David Silverman talks Simpsons David Silverman talks Simpsons

David Silverman talks Simpsons


This is pretty good… a 40 minute speech by Simpsons director David Silverman from the recent Picnic 07 media event in Amsterdam this past September 26th. David reveals his secret past on Turbo Teen and Mr. T, and the origins of The Simpsons, (Note: the video of this speech is currently off line and is being re-edited. It should be available again soon).

(Thanks, William Phung)

  • John A

    It would be nice if someday someone might think about editing in all the animated clips that we missed.

  • Art Newman

    At last someone else remembers “The Jackie Bison Show” and how awful it was. The concept of that turkey wasn’t even original. It was ripped off an old Albert Brooks bit and executed in a manner that only Bucky and Pepito could envy. How embarrassing for the professional voice talent, some of whom are still living.

  • This is great, but man, that camera man! Keep it on the screen buddy!

  • Nice video, lots of those scenes should’ve been put in… LOL! Wtf’s the camerman’s problem!?!

  • Great post! Thanks.

    BTW, that cameraman’s “problem” is he has to have a CU of Silverman to be projected on the screen for the theater audience. He possibly just may be doing his job.