Kid Complains About Live-Action on <strike>Cartoon</strike> Network Kid Complains About Live-Action on <strike>Cartoon</strike> Network

Kid Complains About Live-Action on Cartoon Network

This young girl appears to be more qualified to run Cartoon Network than any of the clueless execs in charge right now.

  • Annie-Mae

    It makes me happy that kids aren’t watching this crap…I mean it’s hard to imagine that they really thought kids would watch these shows and not question the fact they’re on a CARTOON Network. Sure Nick and Disney can get away with this (Disney shouldn’t be getting away with it but we see they’re just a full live action network now) but we watch Cartoon network for the cartoons.

  • I took a peek at “Survive This” last night. All I have to say is, really? You’re gonna cancel Chowder and Flapjack over that?

    But whatever. I’ll just continue to enjoy those two shows (and Adventure Time when it begins) until they’re gone forever.

    • Arjun Rajesh

      Flapjack is the shittiest show ever. my life won’t have to take the suffering when flapjack at all

      • Eric

        I miss the old Cartoon Network:( when there used to be shows like Johnny Bravo, Doug, CatDog, Angry Beavers, and Ren and Stimpy. Cartoon Network is stupid now. The only good show’s they’re airing these days is Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, and Courage the Cowardly Dog, in my honest opinion. They should bring back the CN of the late 90’s/early 2,000’s.

        • TheKillingWords

          They need to bring over the 90’s X-Men and Spider-Man toons. Those ROCKED!!

      • Trey K.

        That era WAS Cartoon Network. Now, the channel is CN, and doesn’t deserve it’s full name anymore, because the new head of CN is a dick. The old exec who was his predecessor was the greatest, as he had a brain and not a brain on crack like the current one. The Powerhouse look was my favorite, and was the general public’s all-time favorite, and if they didn’t bring Looney Tunes back, I (along with millions of others) would be disappointed with the network that used to make us laugh, but now CN makes us think “Who the fuck would think up this shit?!” At least there’s some people who think CN needs to be Cartoon Network.

  • Codgers like myself often complain about the kid executives running networks, but this time I’m making an exception.

    They should hire this kid to run Cartoon Network because the “kids” running it now don’t have a clue.

  • Jerry looks really young and pretty in that video.

  • Jesse

    She’s is kind of annoying, but she is completely right.

    • Trey Jones

      Yeah she is f’ing annoying…but she’s got a point

  • Pedro Nakama


    And you know how a big corporation like Warner Brothers gets scared of little kids. Remember the kid who had a website that complained about that new Looney Tunes series?

    More power to you kid!

    • Trey Jones

      The kid who complained about the new looney tunes was an friggin’ IDIOT! Period. This girl is on point though. CN is slipping…and KIDS are confirming that notion.

  • there’ll still be cartoons on CN… in the form of trix and esurance ads

  • MJ

    johnny bravo is a classic? and total drama island is entertaining?

    IN WHAT LAND?!?!

    but she’s right about Re-Animated and Ben 10.

    shit sucks son.

  • Ty

    Even the children dont want it?

    Did ya get the hint cartoon network? Birng back the good shit… TOONAMI.

  • uncle wayne

    Damn! Yes….even the TOTS are bummed!! I see the goddam CN as a “TV Land” for animation (as “Boomerang” has always “tried” to be). What in the world is wrong with showing the ooooold treasured stuff, the Heckels, Jeckles, Underdogs, King Leonardos, Beany & Cecils, Mightys, Terrytoons in general, Harveys in general, UPAs in general….and God forBID….allllllll those heavenly Wareners that have been on the air since the late 50s…..and was on network tv for decades.

    Is it illegal to show stuff from decades past anymore. How I long for the tv-fare that USED to be. Damn! These kids (and WE kids) need to revisit these classic films from yesteryears!

  • Thad

    Even the kids want the “good old days” back.

  • EatRune

    I think Cartoon Network just needs VARIETY again. 10 years ago or so, A lot of people complained about Cartoon Network adding original programming, but the truth was, not all old cartoons are great. But I actually think that was a step ahead, ’cause that led to a point where Cartoon Network had old stuff (Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry and Hanna Barbera), original stuff (a.k.a. Cartoon Cartoons), some 80s & 90s stuff and anime. So even if you weren’t a fan of one of the above, at least there was something you did like. Something for everyone! And all could still be considered cartoons!

    A few years ago, it seemed like they ONLY aired new stuff, so it seemed a lot more narrow and less appealing.

    CN seems to think that adding crappy live-action instead of better animation will help. I think the thing is Cartoon Network seems to think of itself as a KIDS channel right now instead of a CARTOON channel. I mean, they used to advertise things like Diapers & PG-13 movies! And a bunch of their station IDs implied that their audience included adults (the only thing that did that recently was an episode of Chowder where a live-action viewer was an adult).

  • I just got Boomerang on my cable. I don’t need no stinkin’ Successful Network.

  • Johnny

    I have to say the clear hatred towards cartoon network on this site is starting to get to me. I’ve been a follower here for a long time but it’s becoming very clear there’s a bias. So much so that I won’t be surprised when this post gets deleted much like my previous ones regarding this obvious slant. This site seems to be in love with Disney despite how much live action programming their channel has airing on a regular basis. And not too surprisingly Disney is doing well in the ratings I wonder what would cause Cartoon Network to give live action a shot? I love animation just as much as anybody else here but to dedicate this much time toward complaining about a huge corporation trying a new business strategy seems pretty foolish.

  • Christina

    Wow, that’s one cool kid!

  • Trevor

    I’m more surprised that a kid that age knows what Johnny Bravo is.

  • Billy Batz

    hurry up and make your point girl! I don’t need to know if you got out of the shower!

  • Corey K.

    “…classic cartons like Johnny Bravo…”

    I. Am. So. OLD.

  • Lloyd

    is there a possibility that the people in CN can see this?..*sigh* they need to SEE THIS!

  • If this doesn’t prove that whoever’s running Cartoon Network don’t get it, then nothing will. Kids will normally eat anything up, but when you start showing non-cartoons on a channel that is pretty much their home for cartoons, then you have a problem. If this kid is any example, the rating for this reality show stuff is going to be bad, and I hope so too.

    If they really want to produce live action shows, why not launch a separate channel? Does this really have to eat into the cartoons?

  • Betsie Beadling

    That Channel pretty much went downhill in 1999
    and now CrapNetwork really sucks!!!

  • “…I know things are changing, they have to change because stars are getting older. But with cartoons..?” Well said, kiddo!!!

  • >> I think the thing is Cartoon Network seems to think of itself as a KIDS channel right now instead of a CARTOON channel.

    That sounds like the problem to me.

    Sadly, the UK version of Cartoon Network has always been a kiddie channel, as far as I can remember, with the usual “this stuff’s for the kiddies, innit” mentality that runs rampant. They did try some stuff aimed at animation fans (Toon Heads) at one point, but it was short lived.

    At least it was a kiddie CARTOON channel though.

  • Matt

    Oh man, she talks exactly like my sister. Which I never could stand.
    But her point is valid, and I hope this video ends up in front of the idiot who decided to put live action garbage on a cartoon channel.

  • Autumn


    The reason people are pissed at Cartoon Network for having live action on it, but not Disney is very simple.

    Disney Channel has been airing live action crap since it first aired. They also make live action movies. Cartoon Network however, is CARTOON Network. It’s for CARTOONS. If we wanted to watch live action stuff, we’d turn to a channel that was CARTOON Network.

    It’s not a biased. It’s people wanting cartoons where they belong. On CARTOON Network. It’s like wanting music on MTV.

  • Mesterius

    I always thought the name “Cartoon Network” implied some sort of unwritten law against any kind of live-action. This would be the place where people could get AWAY from live-action! What’s the next step gonna be, that the network changes its name for real and that we no longer have a “Cartoon Network” even in the title?? Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have said that out loud…

    However, there’s nothing wrong with adding new cartoon series, if they could only share the room with the classics instead of squeezing them out. Cartoon Network should always have room for the true classics of American cartoon animation… regular timeslots of Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Tex Avery, Popeye and even Walter Lantz (at least the best stuff from the 30s, 40s and 50s) should be a minimum.

  • Kevin

    Although the kid is a tad long winded she’s got a valid point, CN is rocketing towards oblivion under the current management, these reality shows aren’t going to hold an audience very long.

    As far as what’s classified as “classic cartoon” I can understand her P.O.V. because of her age and experience level, maybe once she grows up she’ll understand what a true classic is.

  • alberto

    “Hey i have a WAH-KEE idea. instead of doing CN ‘real’ let’s do CN ‘retro.’ it’s pretty brilliant, instead of paying development fees, actors, renting cameras, and contradicting what our name suggests , we’ll play a small royalty fee and play some stuff that hasn’t been on in a while and introduce it to a whole new generation and stuff maybe the parents can watch. Hey while we’re at it, we haven’t played the Chuck Jones Show and Tex Avery Hour in 10years”

    was it that hard for some dip-shit board memeber to come up with an idea like that. i would love to see Nickelodeon pick that idea up too, i would like to see Ren&Stimpy, Hey Arnold, and Rocko’s Modern to name a few.

  • From what I hear it opened to the worst ratings ever for a CN premiere.

  • Hey guys its the girl in the video my name is Ashley Rosario and what can i say im thrilled that my video has gotten so much attention. When i found out my video was on here i quickly checked it out and i am more than happy to see your wonderful comments! And to clear things up i know all about the classics jonny bravo, dexters lab, and especially tom jerry!etc. Im 14 by the way and i agree with most of you, yes there should be more newer cartoons but also share with the classics like Mesterius said Thank you all and may you all have a good protest (:

  • The Axe

    If only they’d pull their heads out of their collective asses over at CN
    and listen. Or even think. I won’t hold my breath waiting for that happen. But I can dream.

  • CN Real was horrible. I really mean it. The Othersiders is good for nothing other than MST-ing, and the only thing that was truly entertaining was the evil ghost chair (yes, I’m serious). I really couldn’t stop laughing at the stupidity of it all. The fact that CN Real is starting to pushing the cartoons out of the way. Jay Stephens said a few weeks ago that CN pretty much got rid of comedy development. Popular series such as Chowder and Flapjack are in danger of cancellation, and the Friday night action block is being canned for live-action repeats starting in July (with the premieres for said action shows moving to Saturday mornings).

  • She is so right, and I’m delighted to hear someone besides my own tired voice blathering on about this! Yes, she should be hired at Cartoon Network; hey, they once hired *ME* of all people, a blind person, to do a day on that channel! Here’s a chance to allow someone to have another go at trying to make a difference! You know, when the kids, those 5-year-olds and up that CN claimed they were always trying to reach, aren’t “getting it”, isn’t it time to wake up and smell the drying comic book ink (or, in their case, crayon wax)?

  • The Network formerly known as Cartoon

    Keep posting your videos up! The network might listen to her. WE-SPEAK-YOUR-NAME!

  • startend

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find out that a network that doesn’t run cartoons shouldn’t be called Cartoon Network.

  • Mike Russo

    IMHO anyone who defends CN is doing it out of some seriously misplaced sense of loyalty. The entire network is going down a one-way path to hell thanks to incompetence like this CN Real nonsense, which seems to be the reason why comedy cartoons are on the way out and the network’s action block got kicked off of it’s Friday night slot.

    Cartoon Network is pathetic.

  • james

    i say everyone should forward this to every and any CN email there is.

  • My two kids are fans of some of the cartoons on CN (TDI, Johnny Test and STAR WARS and others) but a month ago when they got a look at the slate of upcoming “CN Real” shows they literally begged us to disconnect the cable from their TV so they could watch old DVDs of LOONEY TUNES instead. I am not making this up.

    We also gladly obliged.

    This is the “New Coke” of network programming.

    • Drew

      …And how AWFUL CN is, just like New Coke was.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Disney Channel has been airing live action crap since it first aired. They also make live action movies.

    Course The Disney Channel in the 80’s was not that bad for the price your parents paid to get it hooked in your home (like mine)! Disney didn’t necessary mean “all cartoons” since I was familiar with the movies they made growing up and other projects they had. What probably started to turn it down that road where it is now was when they did a revival Mickey Mouse Club in the late 80’s, but it was such a slow and gradual change I didn’t really notice much until the channel became part of basic cable that something was up.

    At least someone out there that is part of the target demographic for the channel has spoken her mind on the matter. Let’s hope there won’t be a Roger Meyers-type that would burst “You kids don’t know what you want! That’s why you’re still kids: ’cause you’re stupid!” (again, making a Simpsons reference since it seems valid here)

  • You know, when kids start complaining about the shows that are supposed to be targeted toward them, you’d think that someone will listen. And, also, it could be a sign that the network isn’t headed in the right direction. If they want cartoons, then by Crom, give them cartoons.

    And, by the way, never abbreviate Cartoon Network as CN because it gives them the excuse to forget their first name.

  • Well, on a technical level Johnny Bravo is a classic. It’s one of the last successful cartoons the Hanna Barbera studio ever produced (the very last being The Powerpuff Girls). Those cartoons represent the last days of an era. Remember, not everything from the Golden Age is “classic” and not everything from this modern era (70’s to the present) is a corporate toy commercial.
    If the Cartoon Network needs a model to demonstrate what we’re all talking about they should look up here to Canada. Here, Teletoon still plays only cartoons and Teletoon Retro plays cartoons that us and our parents grew up with. Both stations are doing well.

    • Ruby

      what you just said right there is probably why Cartoon Network has so many canadian shows now. i mean, some of them are good like sidekicks and scaredy squirrel but Cartoon Network is in AMERICA, so maybe they will be more successful if they put on more classics, and at least some decent american cartoons. im 13 and i know most of the older cartoons like johnny bravo and 2 stupid dogs. i really hate how Cartoon Network is managing things now, especially since they got a new manager, SNYDER.

  • Kyle Maloney

    The Kid Protesting, heh, what we were getting as is Johny bravo is just not old or even timeless enough to be considered a classic.

    Not that I didnt love it, even as an adult, but you cant put Johny bravo, Dexter’s lab, cow and chicken etc, against Tom and Jerry or Looney Tunes. those go as far back as far as the 30s.

    But they were good modern cartoons of your generation. and mine. I’m 21 so they just came out when I was about your age.

    But we’re all on the same page here about Cartoon network not showing cartoons anymore.

  • Kyle Maloney

    “They did try some stuff aimed at animation fans (Toon Heads) at one point, but it was short lived.”

    Aww man, do I miss that. Loved that as a kid. It was especially informal before I had the internet to read up on the history of animation and the personality of the animators. loved everyting from the cartoons themselves to the little fun facts they would give us between each one.

    they seriously need to bring that back.

  • A.J

    I think cartoon network is heading toward the same fate as NBC. Do you guys remember when NBC used to be a haven for saturday morning cartoons. Then Saved by the Bell happened. The executives must of thought that “Hey, Teens need something to do on saturday morning, too” (which is crazy, cuz during HIgh School, I don’t remember ever waking up earlier then 11:00 on saturday mornings) Then next thing you know Saturday morning NBC was filtered with Saved by the Bell Spin offs. And I think there were a couple of teen dramas in there, too. Didn’t Screech get his own series?

    As we all know, that didn’t last. NBC had the brains to go back to its original saturday morning roots with such shows as 321 penguins, Veggie tales, ect…..

    It would be extremely comforting if NBC can learn from other networks mistakes.


  • J.Z.

    Johnny said: “I’ve been a follower here for a long time but it’s becoming very clear there’s a bias.”

    Since when is a website — especially a blog — supposed to be read as “non-biased”, unless explicitly said? Isn’t everything supposed to be taken with a grain of salt, and not just on the Internet?

    Open question: Is it biased to only view websites that pass themselves off as non-biased?

  • If the network is really banking as heavily on live-action stuff as they are then I wonder how long it’ll be until they decide to either move some of the stuff that is regularly playing on the network to Boomerang or if the station would change its name altogether. Then again “M””TV” hasn’t changed its name…

    p.s. If I’m going to watch a game show like Brain Rush I’ll watch Cash Cab, thank you very much.
    p.p.s. Hard to believe that in just a few years Andrew WK went from being a guy who sings songs about partying to hosting a live-action show on a cartoon channel.

  • Matt

    Also, (already commented earlier) I wonder if Cartoon Network here in the UK will show these live action abhorrences?

  • Ashley, You are right on. Congratulations and thank you for having the guts and the honesty to post your opinions on video. Yes, you are cute.
    Your intelligence really shines. That network is disqualifying itself as a “cartoon” network, I’m certain we all agree. How phony can they get?
    New titles: The Fake Cartoon Network. The Phony Cartoon Network. Or, The-We-Used-To-Show-Great-Cartoons-But-Got-Really-Scared-Of-Not-Making-Enough-Money-So-We-Sold-Out-But-We-Are-Really-Chickens-So-We-Dishonestly-Kept-The-Word-Cartoon-Anyway-In-Our-Title-Network.

    Please keep up the great work, young lady. You are a star in the making. We like you. Peace, Love, and REAL Cartoons!, Tony

  • Lala-Marin

    This will be a little long winded, but for once I feel like I really have something to say.

    “This site seems to be in love with Disney despite how much live action programming their channel has airing on a regular basis.”

    Is that really true? I can’t remember the last time someone on here sang the praises of “Hannah Montana” or “Zac and Cody.” That said, the Disney channel was never branded as animation network. In fact, “The Disney Afternoon” was created for syndication, and its shows only ever showed up on the actual Disney channel in reruns.

    The Disney channel’s problem isn’t a lack of animation, it’s a lack of understanding what Walt wanted for his company; Family entertainment. The moment Vault Disney was dropped and “tween” became a word, it became obvious that the network executives weren’t interested in keeping the whole family happy.

    Which is strange, because I fit their demographic to a T when all of these changes started, and knew right from the off that outside of Kim Possible, there was nothing left to entertain me.

    “Disney Channel has been airing live action crap since it first aired.”

    This is true. The Brittney/Justin Mickey Mouse Club was garbage, and the only thing I can remember about Kids Incorporated is the theme song (and even then, just the very last line, which happened to also be the title of the show).

    However, shows like The Famous Jett Jackson, So Weird, and Even Stevens did exist, and a parent could conceivably watch these shows and not be bored senseless. And for what it was, Lizzie McGuire was not completely terrible (most of my dislike for it came from the obvious marketing to my age and gender demographic).

    Then “That’s So Raven” happened…

    Which brings us to today. Every live action show is a comedy, or at least they all have laugh tracks (with the exception of JONAS), which apparently makes them funny, starring teenagers that can’t act, but are (with the exception of Dylan and Cole Sprouse) musically inclined enough to carry a tune, which makes them all toyetic marketing gold for the 6-14 crowd.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve found JONAS to be the only watchable live action series of the past seven years or so, and it’s the biggest product of marketing blitz. (Life With Derek, wonderful series it is with its actors borrowed from Degrassi, doesn’t count, as it was created for the Canadian Family Channel).

    Watchable, however, does not mean “good.” The only “good” show currently in production at Disney is “Phineas and Ferb,” which is not just popular, but narrowly missed beating Spongebob as the highest rated show in the 6-11 age group. And did I mention it’s animated? In fact, it is “the top-rated primetime animated show for children 6-11 and 9-14.” That’s Phineas and Ferb, not Total Drama Island/Action.

    “And not too surprisingly Disney is doing well in the ratings I wonder what would cause Cartoon Network to give live action a shot?”

    Considering the success of Phineas and Ferb, I’m beginning to wonder myself.

  • Diana

    Back in the day, CN had Cartoon Theater that showed features, and before that, Mr. Spum’s, which aired stuff like Twice Upon a Time.
    I don’t care how old or how new it is. I’ll watch good stuff any time I can, and avoid such blatant marketing ploys as this like the plague they are.
    Way to go, Ashley Rosario!

  • Jason

    According to the ratings, the new live-action crap on CN is bombing. Good!

    The show I hate the most is Othersiders. Obviously it’s based on Ghosthunters, and you know what…watching kids talk to the empty air (“Are you there? Can you give us a sign?”) isn’t nearly as hilarious as when grown men do it.

    I have to agree with Lala, BTW, Jonas is surprisingly watchable. Those kids have a real comedic flair. Reminds me a little of the old Monkees show.

  • The Wet Blanket

    “Is there a possibility that the people in CN can see this?..*sigh* they need to SEE THIS!”

    I’ve heard they have, and they’ve already discounted it… because she’s a GIRL, and CN is currently only targeting BOYS. (Hence, all the action shows greenlit and so little comedy) They have great blinders over there at CN…

  • I’m in awe of how funny and cool that girl is. And right.

  • vzk

    I also liked Johnny Bravo. Well, at least the first season, when Butch Hartman and Seth MacFarlane (yeah, I know most of you hate them, I don’t care ;P) were in charge of it. Once they left and were replaced by Russel Calabresse and Gary Hartle the show went to hell, and not even bringing back Van Partible (the creator) in 2004 could save it.

    I don’t understand why CN keeps making these crappy “real” shows. I thought the failure of “Jimmy’s Head” made them come to their senses.

  • Eliza Jappinen

    Sadly CN would probably dismiss this. Because girls are not their demographic.

  • DanO

    Cartoon Netowrk has apparently enlisted a number of its writers in Atlanta to come up with a new name for the channel.

    Because I guess its quitting time for the losers that run that hole. They failed at having a channel with cartoons. Nickelodeon and Disney know how to do it. The morons in Atlanta do not.

    Cut and dry.

  • DB

    If the execs hate cartoons so much, why not go elsewhere and work for a non-cartoon network? Plenty of those to run into the ground. Very few networks devoted to real animated cartoons and their preservation. We can’t afford to lose this one.

    EatRune hit the nail on the head, though. I believe variety really is the key to reinvigorating and sustaining the Cartoon Network audience. And no, not variety in mixing live action in, varied CARTOON programming. Old, new, action, comedy, anime… the best bet is to mix it up and let each person find something they love to watch. I think they’d be surprised how many people would toon in (sorry about the pun) for that.

  • ha, Johnny Bravo a Classic. Welp, to each his own. I do have to say though, all this really is just the natural progression of businesses. To appeal to new audiences and try to garner attention from other things than just their niche product.

    Look at Nintendo with the Wii, “Hardcore” Nintendo fans feel left out, their Mario, their Zelda, DK, it’s all been sold out to make amusing mini-games that will attract new customers.

    Cartoon Network is just doing what they think will bring them in more money. If that means live action on CN, then that’s what it means. I felt the same way with One Saturday Morning. That block was complete bliss.

    Then they started adding in Even Stevens, then Lizzie McGuire (all on the zoog hour I believe), which…I didn’t mind both of them, but…it did feel like the end to the latter part of golden age in cartoons.

    Then they came in with That’s So Raven and that was the final straw. This also happened with WB Kids, I mean…that was classic (Pinky and the Brain, Freakazoid, Animaniacs, etc.). This however also came to an end due to finances. Then negotiations with CN (which I did kind of dread because I always thought CN was subpar) came, then with Disney, and then with CBS and UPN and now Saturday Morning on WB is full of craptastic cartoons with Chaotic and Gogoriki to name a few.

    It’s just about finances. That’s the problem you run into when you get things on tv. You can’t have any niche programming, you could before because not a lot of people had cable, so people paid a premium in order to get that special programing, be it 24/7 new, 24/7 weather, 24/7 music videos, 24/7 cartoons, or 24/7 movies.

    Now though, everyone and their mom has cable/satellite, so there is a broader audience to reach out to, and thus so business practices changes, as Nintendo, they’ll tell you it works.

    The solution, in my very naive opinion is to move things online. If net neutrality stays and we don’t end up with tiered websites, then I do think, tv will go the way of the radio. Not obsolete, but not as useful.

    Of course, if we do move off net neutrality, and Disney, ABC, NBC/Universal, all get their way, then the internet will be just as a craptastic experience as tv is. We’ll all need to pay more and more to get those premium niche websites like CartoonBrew, Kotaku, Engadget, etc. While we can get Basic Internet Browsing for the Fabulous low price of 24.99 a month! Which really all that includes is CNN, ABC, NBC/Universal, etc.

    Eh…I’m not surprised, don’t even watch tv anymore; just get things online.

  • Ed Thompson

    I would like to see what Cartoon Network’s ratings were at 20, 15, 10 and 5 years ago and compare them with today. I honestly don’t know if their all cartoon format was more popular in the past than their Disney/Nick attempt at creating a Hanna Montana or some such ilk.

    It has long been a fact of Hollywood that cartoons were considered ‘kid fare’. And now it’s worse, it’s ‘little kids fare’ when the advertisers want to appeal to tweens and teens, not 5-8 year olds. Networks aren’t run by people who love that stations format, they’re run by people who want to make money and don’t really care what they have to show to do it. CN’s management does not care about cartoons.

    I don’t know if looking at market share or viewer ship over time would change Viacom’s minds even if the numbers support it, but I would like to see the numbers anyway.

  • Michael Wolff

    Bad enough that it’s The Cartoon Network polluting itself. What’s up with the Sci-Fi Channel showing wrestling?

  • Brad

    “CN Real was horrible. I really mean it. ”

    Gee, RacattackForce, you don’t go for that funky fresh flava?

    (If you don’t get the reference, you haven’t been to the movies lately – they’re running ads promoting the CN Real block using the ghost of Garey Coleman.)

    In any case. This discussion reminds me a lot of the one that went on when Kyle Rayner replaced Hal Jordan: A lot of complaints from people who weren’t buying the book anyway. If Cartoon Network’s numbers were up there, they’d still be showing cartoons. They’re not, so they won’t. And if the word “Cartoon” weren’t in the freaking name, who’d care?

    Of course, the best answer would be to run GOOD cartoons. They may yet get that desperate.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Kyle Maloney says:
    > Aww man, do I miss that. Loved that as a kid. It was especially informal before I had the internet to read up on the history of animation and the personality of the animators. loved everyting from the cartoons themselves to the little fun facts they would give us between each one.
    > they seriously need to bring that back.

    I can remember back around ’96 when they did “A Night of Independent Animation” on CN. That was a half-hour of stuff they wouldn’t even show on a normal schedule in any given day. That was what I wanted out of the channel at the time! The best they could give us was “O Canada!”, leafing through a pre-96 library of National Film Board of Canada titles that lasted until 2001 or so.

  • “Of course, the best answer would be to run GOOD cartoons. They may yet get that desperate.”

    Doesn’t help that the few Cartoon Network Studio execs that were 100% true-blue animation fans were let go last month.

  • I wouldn’t care what they played if it was entertaining…

  • I used to like CN, but I switched to Nick when the complaints began, due to their intense anime programming (“Buu from Drangonball Z was a too powerful villain” for example). I miss the old Cartoon Network — but truthfully, even though I liked the old CN, the “Turner” library of classic cartoons have a lot of un-PC or violent scenes edited out (as seen in the New Year’s Looney Tunes marathon and on old video recordings of CN). Even if you don’t like CN, wouldn’t it be better if they kept playing Looney Tunes, MGM and Popeye?

  • Diana

    Sidebar on Johnny Bravo: I would have liked it a lot more if I didn’t find it so, ahem, derivative of Marc Hempel’s Tug and Buster comic book from earlier the same year!

  • Mesterius

    Will Finn’s comment gives me hope :)

  • I agree, if kids like this are starting to post their protests on the internet, that should tell the Cartoon Network something. Kids are smarter than they’re given credit for. Why should CN try to compete with Disney or Nickelodeon? They’re SUPPOSED to show CARTOONS, all the time. Nobody else is doing that. Why try to be the same as the other “kid channels” when they can be more successful by being unique?

  • FP

    Eh. The only times I have CN on these days is for ADULT SWIM, which speaks directly to my brain stem somehow. Even the live-action shows. Except for DISLOCATED. That sucks mightily. CHOWDER and FLAPJACK have their moments, but they lack the consistent charm and power of DEXTER’S POWERPUFF, SAMURAI JACK, or even the non-CN SPONGEBOB.

    And Johnny Bravo is a classic? I remember it as a painfully not-good cartoon, DOVER BOYS motion blur notwithstanding..

  • Keith Paynter

    Yes, cartoons belong on a network that has the word CARTOON in its name. That should be its mission. Otherwise, get rid of it…

    The Nashville Network=TNN=Spike TV…ring a bell?

    There’s a great incentive for keeping classic cartoons on the air: They don’t cost their owners any new money to make!! How much simpler can it be in such a difficult economic time? Theatrical cartoons survived the dawn of the television era by being embraced by television. They survived for 40+ years on the small screen, and their popularity has outlived their creators.

    Most of us aren’t old enough to remember these actually being on the big screen, but I’m glad to be at a point in my life where I can actually collect such classic cartoons in 16mm and show them to people. Keep them in the public eye, and people will be encouraged to buy copies on home video. Bugs Bunny is not a corporate icon – don’t let him become marketing tool like Betty Boop or Krazy Kat, who is recognizable today only on merchandise, but hardly ever seen by the public in their original glory…

  • Jackie

    >Doesn’t help that the few Cartoon Network Studio execs that were 100% true-blue animation fans were let go last month.

    This is very true. Thanks RacattackForce for pointing this out. I’m studying to be an animation major in Atlanta heard about these layoffs. It’s very upsetting to see those last few good guys leave. Many of the animation students were disheartened to see this slow change of cartoon network happen right in our backyard!

    We want the old CARTOON Network back!

  • brad Constantine

    Looney Tunes!…anyone?…Bueller?

  • She is Awsome.

  • “If the Cartoon Network needs a model to demonstrate what we’re all talking about they should look up here to Canada. Here, Teletoon still plays only cartoons and Teletoon Retro plays cartoons that us and our parents grew up with. Both stations are doing well.”

    CN Real should never existed. It’s look a joke and Teletoon start to thinkin about live-action shows too for imitating CN. Their first original live-action in air Majority Blues is gonna be soon during this fall. :(

  • The only reason Teletoon still shows mostly cartoons to this day is because they are required to air them by law…maybe we need something like that for Cartoon Network here in the States.

  • William Wray

    Live action reality shows costs are so low is the one and only real reason this is happening. That and short attention management frustrated with how damn long cartoons take to make, Watch them offer this girl some kind of on air spot to neutralize her.

  • I’m so old I remember when there was Music on MTV, News on CNN, Science on the Discovery Channel and History on the History channel.

  • Zorban

    what ever happened to Toonami…?

  • “Whatever happened to Toonami?”

    It died. Then it got canceled on September 20, 2008.

  • j.kent.r

    Yeah. Very well put little miss, hope she becomes a future exec on the Cartoon Network board.

    Anyhow, I’ve been watching Cartoon Network since day one. Seen many great cartoons come and go. I regret not recording some of them as I highly doubt that they will ever be released on DVD. Like “Whatever happened to Robot Jones” (WITH the robot voice, not kid voice) and “Life and Times with Juniper Lee.” Anyhow, when I found out that at least five live action shows were hitting CARTOON network. I shed a tear. Reminded me of what the good old MTV days were like. So I wonder, in the near future, will Cartoon Network create a CN2 and CN3 to show what they used to show since their main channel barely shows any cartoons? Time will tell.

  • Katherine

    Omg I sooo Agree!

    i used to love watching pink panther and power puff girls and i still do and im 12 but idc
    they have a new version of power puff girls called

    Power puff girls z

    but yea “cartoon network” go G A Y

    thanks for standing up

  • Graham

    My five-year-old cousin hated CN Real.

    That’s saying a lot.

  • I think Cartoon Network has taken a turn for the worst just like Nickelodeon. The have become uninspired and for the most marketing-oriented. It seems like they keep churning out new cartoons in an attempt to make money. Sadly the fruit of this shows since a lot of these new shows don’t stay on the air too long and get canceled probably after the first season. Back in the days, it was about creating a good story and great characters for the love of it (not negating the business side of things) however, its seems like the lust for money is taking a toll on the quality of work we are seeing these days.

  • howard

    I agree 100 percent. Cartoon network is ruining things, lately. I flip on the channel to see cartoons, not “reality shows”. ALL shows on this channel should be cartoons, or animation, as the name of the network implies.

  • Ari

    I agree with this young lady. CN Real is a very poor attempt to move away from the channels original purpose. I’ve been watching this channel since I was a young girl (I am currently 20) and have very much enjoyed the station’s earlier programming. Lately all the quality cartoons are not “getting renewed” or are delayed for the sake of trying to push this junk programming down everyone’s throats. Me and the younger children I know, mostly boys ages 6-12 hated the tripe reality shows they created. What makes me even more outraged by these shows is that they are not even good by normal reality TV standards. The kids I babysit and I agree that we wouldn’t even watch this stuff if they were on another channel, it’s just that bad. Nick and Disney could get away with having so much live-action programing simply because they were always stations that broadcasted both, but Cartoon Network was always about the cartoons. I blame their lack of viewership mostly on a lack of quality programming and variety. I believe someone else here has already said that as well. They mostly play the same few shows over and over rather than keep both the new and old on the same channel. Not that they need to put everything under the sun on the channel, but they don’t need to simply have about four shows airing at a time.

  • Tarja Eva Karhu

    I hate the new Cartoon Network although the only shows on it that I actually like are Chowder, Flapjack, anime, Camp Lazlo and Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends cuz they’re funny. However, the rest of these shows are lame and stupid. I like the old Cartoon Network more because there were many good shows back then. I even grew up on those Yogi Bear and Secret Squirrel cartoons!

  • Matt

    It’s people like her that should be running Cartoon Network.

  • JC

    I want Camp Lazlo Back! !don’t be so cruel CN¡

  • Honestly Fosters Home, Camp lazlo, billy and mandy.. anything that came out after COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG.. sucked ass. American cartoons in general suck though. Except for the old ones.. the new ones seem to promote being a complete annoying dumbass. I liked anime because at least it taught me how to think.. they are basically comic books in cartoon form. And btw… I miss the days of comics. Back when kids were smart.

  • simplycartoons

    CN Real……..this fucked up pun should have never happened. i think flapjack and chowdet r ok but the good stuff was dexter pp girls and stuff like that CN Real is their really sad try at making money but if they lose everyone then who gives a f*** about the money you wont be making. and lets not forget toonami. they say everyone found out and took it hard. and just to let CARTOON NETWORK know ( using full name cause it make my 5 yr old sister listen)taking ur best stuff off for crap is not good,ppl liked the cartoons cuz it let us remeber our past and the stuff now make suicidal idiots out of lila kids. by the way im 16 a guy and love cartoons anime but live action is to far i bet if u let a group of kid run the network for a month u would make more money then ur new cn real staff could. and id call the network gay or retarded but that would be an insult to those 2 groups of ppl. so hope u can recover after u bomb. peace out to to the real cartoon network not to be confused with cn real.

  • UR SPEAKING THE TRUTH AND BEN 10 WHAT WAS THAT CRAP! i remember coming home from school and turning on the tv and watching some good cartoons like “Teen Titans” a CLASSIC! WHAT HAPPEND THERE! i miss the old GOOD cartoonnetwork not this CRAP!

  • DB

    I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who thinks “CN” is crap. “CN” has totaly sold out. My theory, “CN” got rid of all of their good shows and their ratings started to drop. Then they scrambled and had to think of a gimik to try and get higher ratings, so they came up with “CN Real”. But that’s just my thoery.

    If “CN” wants to really get more viewers they need to bring back some old classics starting with Toonami, and not the Saturday night, crappy Toonami, I mean the weekday block of awesome cartoons. I would watch re-runs of Dragonball Z over and over again until I could recite every word in every episode than watch the crap that is on TV today.

    I admitt, some of the current cartoons are not so bad, but only the cartoons. It’s called CARTOON NETWORK for a reason. I mean i’ve stopped watching “CN” and started watching the old cartoons on the internet.

    To be honest, all cartoon channels of today are kinda crappy. I remeber waking up early on Saturdays to watch the amazing lineups they had. Now all that remains is 4Kids! which is crap. Disney channel used to be all right and I would at least stop when channel surfing. Now I pass the channel as fast as I can.

    P.S. I refer to “CN” that way because it is no longer CARTOON NETWORK.

  • I agree Cartoonnetwork fucking sucks now ever since the Cartoonnetwork new priesdent came he ruined the network Ted Turner that created Cartoonnetwork should get the network back and fire that preisdent and Cartoonnetwork needs to stop airing live action shows adult swim should be replaced with Boomerang again and theses bad shows need to be gone the logo needs to be changed back to the 1992 checkboard logo there nothing wrong with the old logo all it needed was darker colors

  • What the freak has hapenned 2 all the good shows like Powerpuff Girls.Cartoonnetwork is a disgrace 2 me now

  • Najah

    Hello everyone, I am here because I have reason about CN. I really love to watch CN when I was young. Why did they always change on history CN? I notice they complain, pissed and sad that I found out. I want all of back! That is one my favorite!

    P.S. Cartoon Network love you!

  • deshawn

    why complain? i mean the sstation first of isn’t for you guy’s second of this girl is one person i knopw numerous kids who enjoy the live action stuff which is why destroy build destroy got another season and so is survive this.The rating’s are still cool and they plan to premire 15 new cartoon’s and two live action dramas both done by proffesional writter’s and they sound interresting.This site is a crtoonetwork hater.

  • BrittanyB

    Cartoon Network is terrible now. I grew up to this and it truly kept me sane. To put “live action” shows on a CARTOON network is to basically put ham on a PB&J sandwich. It just doesn’t work. Disney has basically spread its disease amongst every network by giving them a run for the money instead of truly thinking about what the kids want. Take off the live action stuff. Add back in some shows that truly stick into kids minds. DestroyBuildDestroy? Oh come on. That has got to be the dumbest show ever. I can’t wait to see their ratings drop so finally the producers can open up their eyes once again and put the Cartoon back in Cartoon Network.

  • I am 11 years old. I know my grammar, so because I am smarter than most kids my age, don’t say I am a adult.

    I hate the new cartoon network.

    The new incompetent president is a dumb ass. I mean, they accept any god damn cartoons these days, and live action shows are accepted? I love the old shows like DBZ, looney toons , etc,

    Such a disgrace.

    I mean, what the fuck?? Adventure time?!?!?!?? Holy shit, soo lame. I guess all new cartoons are rubbish trying to be funny. If acting retarded is funny, then, I don’t know.

    Horrible, incompetent, dumb, idiotic, lack of sense=The new president.

  • Shaun

    They’re just starting to show the live action junk in Australia. So far we have Tricky TV and Destroy Build Destroy and probably some other live action junk no one cares about from 4:30-6:00pm on weekdays. New episodes that used to be shown on Fridays are now being premiered on Sunday mornings (which I’m sure most kids are out and about playing).

    They should show the Betty Boop cartoons if they’re running out of ideas, not Live Action :I

  • Ian Isberto

    Cartoon Network is supposed to have all cartoon shows, including animes and CGI’s. If we don’t want this to happen, then we should negotiate to CN that they should make an important decisions for us. Like we should make a request to them that they should bring back Toonami for its own channel as 24/7 (like Boomerang because CN hasn’t cancelled Boomerang due to its own channel) and On Demand. I mean, I am really NOT gonna let Cartoon Network fall behind like this. I want the Cartoon Network to reach a higher rank as a #1 channel. So, are you with me or not?

  • Ruby

    Cartoon Network is crap now. the only reason i watch it is because i feel bad and want to get their ratings up, but only for the cartoons. i switch to a different channel immediately when those stupid live action shows show up. why cant they just have those older, awesome cartoons when i get home from school instead of those stupid canadian shows! some of them are good but Cartoon Network is milking of Canada! WE NEED AMERICANS TO MAKE AMERICAN CARTOONS. when i’m older, i’m going to apply for a job at CN studios and maybe get this idea into their thick skulls. i have an idea for a cartoon….but i would need help putting it all together.oh, and PLEASE Cartoon Network, bring back courage the cowardly dog and the grim adventures of billy and mandy!

  • Scott

    I think Cartoon Network should really focus on offering a broader mix of animated tv shows. That means not only original series like Adventure Time & Regular Show, but also classic Cartoon Network series like Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls ect.; classic shows like Looney Tunes & Hannah Barbara; and foreign series like the anime that populated the old toonami block.

    Now it feels like live action shows and new series have pushed off our old beloved favorites. The live action programs and newer cartoons really only appeal to those that grow up with them. (I’m sure people were complaining about Johnny Bravo, and now this girl sees it as a classic). By doing this, they alienate fans like myself and this little girl.

    They expect that by the time we say “wow, this isn’t the cartoon network I grew up with,” It’ll be time to move on to adult swim (which again, used to be good).

    Unfortunately, the original animated series tend to all be hit or miss. (For example, I like Metalocalypse, but I can only remember about 3 good episodes off the top of my head.)

    And the ones with some production value (like Venture Bros.) are so slow to produce, it’s hard to maintain a viable fanbase.

    Add to that the cynical attitudes of the Adult Swim bump writers, (often insulting their own fans), the endless stream of avante-garde, kaleidoscopic, live-action adult swim programs… and an endless string of Family Guy reruns we could be watching on a half dozen other networks, and it’s no wonder they’ve lost so many fans.

  • Genbe

    I can agree with her, that , Cartoonnetwork should just show cartons, its call “Cartoon”network, tje shows they make now are so bad, from Camp Lazlo, My gym partners a monkey,Johnny test, chowder, flapjack, TDI, the other candian flash animated shows, and scardy squirrel, ate the worst piece of crap cartoons I have ever seen in my life, the only shows that are remotely good are Ben 10, its drawn good, okay backgrounds, good story, Thundercats, which is animated better then the old ones, and thats it in the 90s, they had so much variety, and it was good, the same with nick before it was all sponge-bob and Icarly,and Disney channel when they actually had cartoons, where as now there isn’t a single cartoon on except for Phinus and Ferb and fishhooks and those aren’t very good compared to what they had in 90s when they had so many great cartoons, cartoonnetwork should make shows in flash right, which they can, I have seen animations made in flash that are good on deviant art and fur affinity, so its possible, but instead they keep making flash animations that look like they were drawn by preschoolers, they should go back to cel animation and use artists who know how to draw and writers who know how to write good and funny cartoons, instead of the unfunny poorly drawn garbage they have now. I bet if Nostalgia critic did a top 11 worst cartoons ever made, they new crappy flash animated cartoons would make the list, with either johnny test or scardy squirrel making the number 1

  • fsdgfery

    none mentioned the cramp twins

  • prashant

    please restart the inazuma eleven i m a big fan of him and others also