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Watch Bill Plympton’s New Film Noir-Inspired “Simpsons” Couch Gag

Bill Plympton made a new Simpsons couch gag, titled “Film Noir,” that will premiere on this Sunday’s episode of the perennial TV series. The whole thing is posted online and can be seen below. Plympton also made a Simpsons couch gag last year.

Bill also just released the trailer to his new short Drunker Than a Skunk adapted from a poem by Walt Curtis:

  • Oslaf

    Ah, The Simpsons. Perennially the perfect soapbox for aiding and supporting the spirit of independent animation.
    I’m expecting a fresh batch of hysterical quips about the soulless corporate machinery of Disney, Pixar or any number of competing producers of entertainment in this newest atemporal masterpiece.

    • Roberto González

      What are you talking about? First, this is about Plympton’s couch gag. If your point is that the show is not creative anymore, hence adding this kind of independent animator couch gags is a weak effort, maybe you’re right but it’s better to have those couch gags than nothing. The couch gag is fun and creative and the staff deserves some credit for inviting indepent animators to show their work in a prime time show. Secondly, if that part about the ‘hysterical quips’ about soulless corporate machinery of Disney and Pixar is related to that episode that was once posted in Cartoon Brew “Angry Dad: the movie” they really didn’t mock Pixar at all, they just threw very tame critics to Cars and not a lot more. If anything they seem to love Pixar, they have introduced homages and references to their movies quite often and a lot of people from Simpsons staff has worked in Pixar at some point.

  • Joseph_Hudak

    Looks like Bill Plympton’s getting some regular work out of these. Hopefully these end up as an annual Simpsons event. New Plympton animation is always a treat.

    This one was a bit more of a quickie, though still measures up to the last one.

  • Always too much FUN seeing what Bill Plympton does next.

  • I’m half-expecting someone to reveal that he makes more money on these than all his features combined.

  • I’m not a fan of the new Simpsons episodes buuuut I really like how they’re trying to do new things, get “guest artists” for the couch gags. Me likey.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    That was pretty awesome–especially when Maggie pulled out the machine gun at the end.

  • James Madison

    I like the noir style. Amazing work and interpretation.

  • Michael Sporn

    I’m glad to see that a lot of people love this piece. For me it’s hit and miss, and like all of Bill’s pieces, the hits are a real high while the misses are really bothersome for me. It’s great that the Simpsons are calling on outside talent to do these pieces and I hope they ramp up the number of them so that a lot of different animation artists get to try their hand at it. Unfortunately, I suspect it’s who you know at the right time . . . like all the rest of the business. It is good, though, that Plympton gets a solid double in doing it..

  • Paul N

    Kinda missed the moving holds Bill normally does. The standoff near the end of the fantasy sequence through the end of the clip felt more like an animatic than a completed bit.

  • Shazbot

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