Animator Spotlight: Laverne Harding

The great Laverne Harding was not only an underrated talent, but a true pioneer in the Hollywood animation industry.

Animator Spotlight: Grant Simmons

Simmons did some of his funniest and most characteristic work during his MGM stint, working under the great Tex Avery.

Animation by Bobe Cannon

Animator Spotlight: Bobe Cannon

Cannon is best known for directing graphically groundbreaking shorts like ‘Gerald McBoing Boing,’ but his incredible work as an animator on the Warner Bros. and MGM films is sometimes overlooked.

Bugs Bunny , Ben Washam

Animator Spotlight: Ben Washam

The secret to identifying a Bugs Bunny scene animated by Washam: Look at the teeth.

'The Ren & Stimpy Show'

Animator Spotlight: Kelly Armstrong

Armstrong animated some of the most memorable and unhinged sequences from the iconic 1990s Nicktoon ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show.’

Jim Tyer animation of Popeye

Animator Spotlight: Jim Tyer

Tyer’s crude drawings and off-kilter movements can give the impression of being slapdash, but like a great jazz musician improvises around a melody, Tyer expertly bent and stretched his characters with a playful sense of experimentation.

Irv Spence

Animator Spotlight: Irven Spence

Spence developed his kinetic style working under Ub Iwerks and Tex Avery and went on to animate some of Tom & Jerry’s wildest moments.