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Are you following Cartoon Brew on Twitter and Facebook? Both communities have grown a lot in the past few months and we’d love to have …


“The Fisherman” by Ferg Brennan

The Fisherman, comes to us from Ferg Brennan who produced it at the Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology in Dublin, …

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Cartoon Brew 2011 Reader Poll

The last time we ran a reader survey on this site was five years ago. In that time, our traffic has skyrocketed, and we’ve grown from …


“Chief Serenbe” by Evan Curtis

Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival continues today with the third film in our line-up: Chief Serenbe by Evan Curtis from the …


CBTV Student Fest: “Chief Serenbe”

By Evan Curtis. Home in Missoula, Home in Truckee, Home in Opelousas, Ain’t no home for me. Home in old Medora, Home in Wounded Knee, Home in Ogallala, Home I’ll never be – Kerouac

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