‘GIF-Jam 2014’

A musician created a track first, not knowing what imagery was to go with it. Then, animators turned in GIFs not knowing what would happen.

‘Synesthesia’ by Michel Gagné

In the summer of 2013, composer Gheorghe Costinescu commissioned artist Michel Gagné to create an animated abstract visualization based on his 1973 work, “Dots, Lines, and Patches for recorded electronic sounds”. This film is the result.

Tom & Jerry Short Remade With CGI Anime Girls

This a fan-made experiment in which the 1956 Tom & Jerry short “Down Beat Bear” is remade in CGI with anime girls in the roles of Tom, Jerry, and the dancing bear. The characters don’t appear to be random and likely represent some part of fandom of which I’m not aware. Even lacking that context, I still think it’s a fascinating piece of work, not so much for its animation or technical merit as for its resurrection of (and reverence for) classic theatrical animation in a completely unexpected setting.

Smack Bear Thinks You Deserve a Smack

You look like you deserve a Smack! Try the new fun, fruity soft drink that’s so delicious kids everywhere are getting hooked! Give …

“i” by Isabela Dos Santos

Hand-drawn animation and dance performance intersect and interact in a piece that asks, Who am I?

“Transe Le Gros” by Julie Faure-Brac

This sequence—Transe Le Gros—by Julie Faure-Brac was made for “Incantations”, an interactive installation produced in …

“Stammer” by Shen Jie

A man plus an ice cream cone is not the recipe for tension-filled drama unless the film is Stammer. This playful experimental piece by …

“Bird Shit” by Caleb Wood

Art is all around us, as filmmaker Caleb Wood could tell you with his witty conceptual piece Bird Shit: Walking through Yoyogi Park, …

“The Deep End” by Jake Fried

I was quite impressed with Jake Fried’s animation when I first saw it last year, and I’m just as impressed with his latest piece.

Thursday in LA: Len Lye at LACMA

What better way to greet the new year, than to watch a mind-blowing set of abstract works by pioneering animator Len Lye.

“Rough and Laugh” by Tymote

Japanese design studio Tymote has finally answered the age-old question: What if Wassily Kandinsky used Cinema 4D?

“Social Satan” by Sculpture

Brace yourself for one of the most creative animation cycles you’ll see this side of the Fleischer brothers.

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