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'Batman Beyond' 'Batman Beyond'

More than two decades after the cult favorite series Batman Beyond went off the air, the futuristic sequel to Batman: The Animated Series could be getting a new feature film.

Yuhki Demers, a vis dev artist on the Spider-Verse franchise and several other Sony productions, says that he and My Dad the Bounty Hunter co-creator Patrick Harpin met with Warner Bros. Entertainment five months ago to pitch their idea to reboot the Beyond franchise with a new film.

On Linkedin, Demers explained that despite tremendous enthusiasm on their end, he and Harpin didn’t have a lot of hope for their proposition but were happy to deliver the pitch anyway.

Of their meeting, Demers wrote:

Before we pitched, they warned us, “There is absolutely no way we can do a 𝘉𝘦𝘺𝘰𝘯𝘥 movie,” but they loved our enthusiasm. We pitched the outline for the entire film, and what started as a ‘never’ turned into a ‘maybe.’

He also shared three images, presumably from the pitch, seen below.

'Batman Beyond'

Demer says that in the months since their first meeting, he and Harpin have been pitching their way up the ranks of Warner decision-makers in the hopes of presenting their idea to James Gunn who, along with Peter Safran, took over as the heads of DC’s film, tv, and animation endeavors.

It’s hard to predict an outcome here. Gunn is clearly a big animation fan, and the unit’s first production with him as co-head of DC Studios was the animated series Creature Commandos.

Another factor that could help the odds of a Beyond reboot getting a greenlight is is that animated Batman titles have sold well for WBD. Prime Video recently picking up the Christmas-themed Merry Little Batman feature and two seasons of Bruce Timm, Matt Reeves, and J.J. Abrams’ The Caped Crusader.

That said, under CEO David Zaslav, Warner Bros. Discovery has shifted to a theatrical-only model for its feature commissions. A 20+-year-old animated series rebooted as a film could be a hard sell given current attitudes at the studio.

Batman Beyond debuted in 1999 and ran for 52 episodes over three seasons. The show has remained a fan-favorite in the decades since it wrapped, popular for the way it approached more adult themes than many of its animated Bat-predecessors.

Despite being created and developed by much of the team behind the classic Batman: The Animated Series, Beyond took a wildly different approach to the franchise than its predecessor. The show starred a teenage version of a new Batman being trained by the original Bruce Wayne Batman in a futuristic version of Gotham City.

Pictured at top: Batman Beyond feature concept art shared by Yuhki Demers.