Amazon Studios, which develops entertainment properties by way of online submissions and crowdsourcing feedback from its users, has greenlit five new pilots intended for kids ages 6-11, four of which are animated properties. If any of these concepts are chosen to go to series, they will join Annebots, Creative Galaxy and Tumbleaf, which have moved past the pilot stage and into production. Those greenlit series will stream on Amazon Prime Instant Video and the U.K.’s LOVEFILM beginning in fall 2013.

Here are the four new animated pilots:

Grid Smasher
Created by Dan Clark (Team Smithereen, Yo Gabba Gabba!)
Johnico and his team of rag-tag aliens compete to win the greatest game in the universe.

The Jo B. & G. Raff Show
Created by Josh Selig (The Wonder Pets)
Two best friends, Jo B. and G. Raff are hosts of their very own TV show, “The Jo B. & G. Raff Show.” But every day, just when their show is about to start, Jo B. realizes that G. Raff is gone!

Created by Angela Santomero (Blues Clues, Super Why!)
Bianca is just like any other little girl…well, kind of. You see, there is one teeny little thing that makes Bianca different from other little girls: Bianca has “wish magic” – the power to make wishes come true!

Hard-Boiled Eggheads

Created by Duane Capizzi (Transformers Prime, Jackie Chan Adventures)
Miles and Kelvin are classified special agents who strike out to correct the mistakes of science – monsters born of toxic waste, mutants born of lab accidents, the occasional hostile alien.

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