‘Manoman’ by Simon Cartwright

Glen attends a primal-scream therapy session that causes him to release something deep within that knows no limits.

‘Rings’ by Rob Shaw

Music video by Rob Shaw and Bent Image Lab for Aesop Rock’s “Rings.”

‘Pineapple Calamari’ by Kasia Nalewajka

Pineapple Calamari dreams of being a horse-racing champion–but when tragedy befalls the two inseparable women who share his love of riding, he finds his race to the roses abruptly halted.

‘Between Times’ by Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter

In this fairy tale about relativity, a cuckoo clock narrates a day where bread was sliced one second thick, lovers fell in sync and time rarely flowed at an even rate.

Cordell Barker: My God-like Process On ‘If I Was God’

Cordell Barker, the two-time Oscar-nominated director of “The Cat Came Back” and “Strange Invaders,” guides Cartoon Brew readers through the challenges of making a mixed-media animated short.

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