Gift Book Ideas for the Animation Fan

Finding the perfect book for the beloved animation fan in your life can be a big challenge, but these gift-book ideas will inform and inspire anyone who loves animation and drawing.

‘Mouse in Transition’: Detour Into Disney History (Chapter 6)

Before I got hired at Disney Features, I sold a few magazine articles and developed a love of writing for print, where there was nothing between writer and reader but words on a page. When I became a Disney employee, I realized I was surrounded by animation veterans with vivid memories of the rambunctious days at the old Hyperion studio, and the creative struggles that went into making “Snow White,” “Pinocchio,” and the other early features. Talking to older Mouse House staffers, it dawned on me they could provide great source material for articles.

The Walt Disney Image Problem

Walt Disney has been accused of being everything from a racist to an anti-Semite to a megalomaniac. What can the Disney company do about it?

Mike Barrier interviews Robert McKimson

Whenever I want to remind myself why I love cartoons, I simply have to watch a classic Warner Bros. cartoon. Whenever I want to remind …