This is How You Do A Classic Animation Tattoo

This tattoo sleeve of classic cartoon characters is so impressive that I’m even willing to overlook that the artist used Chuck Jones’ redesign of Tom & Jerry.

Tex Avery Tattoo

Tex Avery tats spotted on line at Disney World. You know what? “I’m happy!” (Thanks, Uncle Wayne)

A Collection of Disney Tattoos

Please look at these closely before deciding it’s a good idea to get a Disney image permanently stained onto your body. (via Trexarms)

Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

This homage to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is one of the nicest cartoon tattoos I’ve ever seen. A larger version of the pic above can be …

Ren and Stimpy Skewered

NY animator Chrissy Fellmeth recently got an awesome tattoo that seamlessly combines two of my biggest passions: cartoons and kebabs. …