Jim Tyer animation of Popeye

Animator Spotlight: Jim Tyer

Tyer’s crude drawings and off-kilter movements can give the impression of being slapdash, but like a great jazz musician improvises around a melody, Tyer expertly bent and stretched his characters with a playful sense of experimentation.

Viacom characters

What Animation Does ViacomCBS Own?

The media titan is home to Paramount, Nickelodeon, MTV, Fleischer cartoons, “Garfield,” “Rugrats,” “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” and much more …

Interview: Ralph Bakshi on the Animation Industry, Then & Now

Ralph Bakshi pulled himself away from his drawing desk in New Mexico to chat with Cartoon Brew about his legacy, his latest project “The Last Days of Coney Island,” which he recently funded on Kickstarter, and what he really thinks about the computer’s role in animation these days.

Talkin’ about TERRYTOONS

Live FREE internet broadcast with Jerry Beck, discussing the history of Terrytoons, right NOW, right HERE.

Rare Terrytoons Comic Strip FOUND!

Animator Mark Kausler has uncovered a rare 1950s “Terrytoons” comic strip, Barker Bill, and has started posting them on his blog. Paul …

CHECK IT OUT: “Paul Terry Nitratoons”

Calling all animation historians! Today on animator Mark Kausler’s essential It’s The Cat blog, Mark discusses his restoration of two …