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The Walt Disney Company has unveiled the lineup for its 10th Disney Accelerator program, a business development initiative established to aid and accelerate the growth of companies deemed by Disney to be doing innovative work.

The Accelerator program grants selected companies investment capital, access to co-working space at Disney’s creative campus, and mentor support and guidance from top Disney executives.

Five companies were selected to participate in this year’s Accelerator, three of them specializing in AI tools and technology, one in virtual reality, and another in autonomous vehicles. This year’s participants are:

  • Audioshake: An audio technology company that uses AI to separate layers of recorded sound to make audio interactive, editable, and customizable.
  • Elevenlabs: A voice AI research and deployment company that creates realistic, versatile, and contextually aware AI audio.
  • Nuro: An autonomous vehicle company that builds custom, electric, zero-occupant vehicles for the delivery of goods.
  • PrometheanAI: A company that provides a suite of tools for virtual world creation and digital asset management using natural language prompts.
  • Statuspro: An immersive entertainment company that leverages virtual and augmented reality to create first-person sports gaming experiences.

Attendance for the Accelerator is hybrid, with participants required to visit Disney’s Glendale campus for key milestone weeks of the program.

Since 2014, the Accelerator has backed over 60 companies, including Epic Games, Kahoot!, Illumix, and Inworld. The most prestigious alumnus is Unreal Engine developer Epic Games, which was selected for the program in 2017. Earlier this month, Disney doubled down on Epic with a $1.5 billion investment to create a persistent digital universe for Disney brands.

Bonnie Rosen, Disney Accelerator GM, said in a release:

Disney has always been a leader in innovation, understanding, and embracing technological shifts to enhance experiences and bring timeless stories to life. The Disney Accelerator allows us to continue this legacy of innovation and the responsible use of technology in service of storytelling. As we kick off the 10th year of the program, we are joined by leading companies that share our belief in the unmatched power of human creativity and imagination, exploring new ways to bring Disney magic to fans everywhere.

The 2024 Disney Accelerator program began in January and will conclude with a Demo Day this spring at The Walt Disney Studios lot in Burbank, CA.

Pictured at top: Still from a Promethean AI promotional video.