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Animated Christmas Greetings 2012

It’s that time of year… the season when animators all over the world express themselves in their individual ways by creating animated greeting cards. Here’s a few we’ve received so far this month…

Happy Holidays from Montréal-based Jacques Khouri

Merry Christmas from London-based animators Louis & McCourt

Santa Team Six from Sascha Ciezata of LA’s It’s Alive Animation

And finally, this drinking game from London’a Trunk Animation Design

Got a fun animated Christmas greeting? Send it in and we may share it in a future post. Seasons Greetings to all.

  • GW

    I didn’t care much for Sascha Ciezata’s movie parody but I liked the other two. I like the use of clothing to determine the character’s shape in Jacques Khouri’s animation and that drinking game animation was classic. I would have liked to see that character drink liquid asphalt or blood. Though I guess that blood would make it too much like a vampire.

  • Kent Culotta

    I like seeing these animated greetings, but I have to say I need to never again see animation with fart and excrement jokes. Actually that goes for live action as well.

  • St Andrew

    Santa Team Six blows the rest away.

    Drunk Trunk, you need an editor.

  • Sarah

    Cool. I’m working on one now for The Studio NYC. I’ll send it over next week.

  • Rob Nenno

    Jacques was a professor of mine in school. Neat to see the work of someone you personally know on here!