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Blue Sky Director Carlos Saldanha Wants to Try Live-Action

Veteran Blue Sky director Carlos Saldanha (Rio, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Rio 2) is currently in negotiations to take over the direction of 20th Century Fox’s sci-fi picture Rust. The film’s original director, Joe Cornish, recently left the production for unspecified reasons.

The E.T.-esque film, based on a recent graphic novel by Royden Lepp, is described by the Wrap as the story of “a family of farmers struggling in the wake of a devastating world war [whose] lives are changed when Jet Jones, a young boy with a jetpack, crashes into their barn while being pursued by a giant decommissioned war robot.”

Saldanha has been with Blue Sky since its earliest features. He co-directed the studio’s first two films—Ice Age and Robots. As animation fans, we can only hope that this is a mid-life crisis of the kind experienced by Andrew Stanton and Rob Minkoff, and that Saldanha will return to animation after getting the live-action bug out of his system. Because, seriously, what sane person would give up the opportunity to direct Ice Age 6?

  • Matt

    The premise for Rust sounds pretty cool and sounds a bit like “The Rocketeer” thrown in with the “Iron Giant”. I do not thnk that Andrew Stanton’s “John Carter” was as bad of a film everyone claims. I enjoyed it and thought it was well done.

    • Marie

      I approached John Carter with an open mind because there have been other occasions when I’ve enjoyed criticized movies. I think the criticism of John Carter was accurate. After about 30 minutes I started fast forwarding the DVD, stopping at parts that looked interesting. Then I no longer stopped and fast forwarded through the remainder of the film. For a variety of reasons, John Carter simply did not work.

  • Funkybat

    “Rust” sounds like a pretty decent premise….for an animated film. Moving him onto this project probably makes sense as it already sounds more like an animated movie than a live-action one.

  • It would be interesting if some live action directors wanted to give directing animation a shot, a la Wes Anderson.

    • Dana B

      I always dreamt of a day when Edger Wright directs an animated feature. That he’s doing Ant-Man for Disney/Marvel, who knows!

      • Mohegan

        That would be awesome Dana B. In my opinion it would be great if he made an animated film together with the Laika Studio!

    • Jen Hurler

      And Gore Verbinski with Rango!

    • Tim Elliot

      Other live action directors off the top of my head…

      Gore Verbinski
      George Miller
      Luc Besson
      Richard Linklater (he did a couple rotoscoped films)

      I think Tim Burton falls under that category of “live-action director.” I can’t think of any feature-length films he directed before Corpse Bride in 2005.

  • Bob Harper

    All these guys are jumping ship because apparently there is some sort of glut in animated features. So obviously they want to be in the less crowded pool that is live action.

  • Ben

    I don’t think most people cared that it was an ‘animation director trying to do live action’ I watched it before I knew that he was a pixar dude and still couldn’t sit through the entire thing cause the movie is just dull as shit and overly long.

  • Candido Rondon

    So many artistically inspired comments were done…
    But does someone here know how much is the live action movie feature director payment and the animated feature one? As far as I know they are quite different…