Hardie Gramatky painting Hardie Gramatky painting

Friday Morning Inspiration: Hardie Gramatky

Hardie Gramatky painting

Hardie Gramatky (1907-1979), one of the great American watercolorists, actually started in animation working at Disney from 1929-1936. Joe Campana points out on his blog Animation – Who and Where that yesterday marked Gramatky’s 100th birthday anniversary. Besides painting and animation, Gramatky was also known for his children’s storybooks, particularly Little Toot, which was adapted into an animated segment for Disney’s Melody Time. An extensive bio and many of Gramatky’s paintings can be found at Gramatky.com, a site maintained by his daughter, Linda Gramatky Smith. More of his stunning watercolors can be viewed at CaliforniaWatercolor.com.

  • I love Hardie Gramatky, and I love this painting of the Hollywood Hills.

  • Oh, I love reading such nice things about Dad! Thanks to Max Ward for his comment and to Jerry and Amid for what they said about my father (Hardie Gramatky). Lots of wonderful things have happened since the restored edition of Little Toot came out (in September) and after it was lavishly praised by Daniel Pinkwater on NPR, the sales took off. I just believe that Dad would love to see his book restored to the vibrant reds and blues he originally used. I’d love to hear from any of you about what you like and don’t like in Dad’s watercolors. Thanks. Hugs, Linda