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Happy Birthday, John Lasseter

Break open a bottle—and only the finest, of course. Our best wishes to Pixar’s big boss John Lasseter who turns 56 years old today!

  • wever

    “That looks nothing like me! REDO!”

    Happy Birthday, John Lasseter!

  • Chris Powell

    Happy Birthday Sir! A great fan of your work.

  • Brian C.

    Time to break out the festive Hawaiian shirts! Best wishes, Mr. Lasseter!

  • Mark Mayerson

    Look! It’s John Lasseter and his sequel!

  • Nick Bruel

    I met Mr. Lasseter briefly many a year ago when the illustrator Lane Smith brought him into a store where I worked. He was kind, engaging and clearly very passionate about his work. We spoke for all of a few minutes before he started glowing about the project he was working on that turned out to be “Finding Nemo.” It was clearly a memorable conversation for me.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Lasseter. Enjoy a big bowl of cereal on me.

  • Mike K

    Happy Birthday, John! You truly are a modern day Walt and the fire you’ve brought to Pixar and Disney has been inspiring to see unfold. Keep up the incredible work!

  • Cheese

    Happy Birthday!

  • Gavin

    “J.L will hear of this” oh wait that’s Daffy Duck. Happy B Day PIxar JL. His wine sounds good!

  • DarylT

    Happy Birthday

  • Kevin Calhoun

    Happy Birthday John! I hope to meet you someday.
    All the best!