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“How To Eat Your Apple” by Erick Oh

Interesting hand-drawn (on Cintiq, using TVPaint) film by Erick Oh (Student Academy Award finalist, Heart). Oh is a Korean animation artist based in California, currently at Pixar. His independent films have been screened at Annecy, Hiroshima, Zagreb, SIGGRAPH and Anima Mundi.

(Thanks, David Nethery)

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  • Hieronymus Bosch eat your heart out.

  • Woah… Awesome.

    Wonder if any of this feeling been reinforced or countered by his gig at Pixar.

  • AdrianC.

    Surreal and unusual, but the animation is lovely.

  • Super great! It’s definitely got a Bosch vibe (and some Dali too) but it’s certainly it’s own thing. Creepy and floppy and weird, and great.

  • Calgary

    I really like David Ochs as a sound designer.

  • andres

    This is so awesome. I love how there are so many reoccurring themes and images in all of his films.

  • tony mccarson

    this film makes no sense, that it reminds me of Salvador Dali.

  • I love this. There’s so much going on in such a small amount of time. I had to watch it four or five times to follow the demise of each character.

    Great floppy movement too.

  • smallsight

    A couple of people have described this as Dali-esque; maybe this is something like what Dali had in mind when he agreed to meet Walt Disney.

  • Dusky

    I’m pretty sure he did this on a tablet at home.

    • David Nethery

      Yes, he animated it on a Cintiq tablet using TVPaint Animation software.

  • JG

    Wow. Just wow.

  • bob kurtz


  • David

    Erick was my classmate and occasional collaborator at the UCLA Animation Workshop.
    He is an enchanting artist through and through! Visit his site at

  • Fantastic. Bravo, Erik!

  • Congrats, Erick! :D

  • JK

    If youre interested in seeing Erick’s other shorts, his films are being exhibited at Rheeway Galerie in Los Angeles ( up until October 15th. Plus there are other amazing artists, check it out!