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Jin Kim Caricatures His Disney Co-Workers

Disney character designer Jin Kim drew this suite of twenty-five caricatures of co-workers for Disney’s annual in-house caricature show. Like the rest of Kim’s work, these drawings are distinguished by their expressive line and confident shapes. His prodigious abilities make it look far too easy. Above, from left to right, Lino DiSalbo, Don Hall, and Shiyoon Kim.

  • Diane

    Lino Di Salvo. Jin Kim is genius.

  • Sandro Cleuzo

    These are exceptionally good. Not only the drawings are amazing but he was able to capture the likeness 100 percent. Jin is one of the best artists in animation today. He is also an amazing animator and I remember when I was sharing an office with him at Disney in the 90’s and saw him effortlessly turning out these beautiful animation shots.

  • Andrew

    Jin is amazing. Here is another young animator at Disney who is one of my favorites every caricature show:

  • John Richardson

    Oh, so cool. So I wanna know, does Tony Smeed realize he could totally be Tigger for Halloween?

  • tom

    Well..yeah..It IS for a Disney exhibition.. you’d expect a house style