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More about the Death of Paul Boyd

Paul BoydThe CBC has a followup article about the tragic police shooting of Vancouver animator Paul Boyd, mentioned here yesterday. The article includes a statement from Boyd’s family which explains his mental illness. The statement from Boyd’s family can be read in its entirety in this downloadable PDF file.

Some nice memories of Paul Boyd can be found in the earlier Brew post about his passing.

LP writes:

So very sad…I had the pleasure to work with Paul for about 3 years. He was a big sweetheart and always kind to me. One of those great guys that you always remember fondly regardless of your interactions. Illness or not, it breaks my heart to know how awful his last moments were and I grieve for the loss and hope his family can heal in time. The animation industry and the world in general lost a good guy.

Dany says:

paul did do the opening of ed and ed and eddy. the trio pass a video camera back and forth between them in the bit. this was done the old fashioned way – he had to plan all the camera moves himself, measure them out, dope it … his capacity for presice, almost mathematical animation was mind boggling.

i was his assistant a few times. his command of cycles and levels and how everything worked together – amazing. he did some funny bits of animation ill never forget too – like a part in werner 2 where a gas cylinder turns into a missle and wangs around the screen …he was very talented and very friendly. i know he had a capacity for rage – eight bullets to put him down, what does that tell you ? but i never saw it.

ill remember him fondly and not as a guy swinging a chain, getting shot by a cop with less than five years experience on the job. his last moments must have been pure anguish but he would have gone to jail and that would have been painful for him, also.

ill miss my friend paul boyd.

  • red pill junkie

    What a sad tragedy :-(

  • Elizabeth Stuef

    Another death by police of a mentally ill person in this province. The health care system is failing people who have a mental illness. Too few psychiatrists, too few resources and not enough public information about mental illness. I was once told by an educated government person who worked with the disabled that “mental illness to them meant a psycotic with a knife.” That really sums it up.

    The stigma of being mentally ill is alive and well in our time. I weep for Paul Boyd and all the other mentally ill people who are misunderstood, and treated so disgustingly.

  • Diego G

    He was a good guy. Rest in peace Paul.

  • chez

    My fondest memory of Paul was his booming laugh. It would echo throughout the building and you couldn’t help but feel cheered up by it.

    I learned a lot from Paul. Not just about animation, but also about being a human being. And for this, I shall always be in his debt.

    Many a night, Paul and I were the last ones left in the building and what a joy it was to sit and talk. I was always fond of those moments and on too many occasions, time seemed to run away on us.

    Well, time has run away on Paul. He was a gentle giant, filled to the brim with a Passion for his art and craft, animation. His dedication was without fault. He always strove to achieve the very best and always, always, surprised with his ingenuity, artistry and craftsmanship.

    How do you grief?

    I choose to pay tribute. And I can think of no greater tribute than to say, I am a better person for having known Paul Boyd.

    Rest in Peace, dear friend.

  • Marie

    I was lucky enough to have worked with Paul. I was aware he had a mental illness but he never let that get in the way of how well he treated people. The quality of his talent never seemed to suffer. He was such a kind soul and our animation community is poorer for his loss. We will miss you.

  • John Tebbel

    Terrible news. Worse because this goes on all over; police departments are not well trained in re: mental illness. Country at large is still growing up in that regard, too. If you can, make a cartoon that tells the truth about mental illness.

  • Tony

    Paul was my pal.
    He taught me a lot and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. I am deeply saddened to hear of this tragic death. I really think this could’ve been avoided. Cops carry pepper spray, tasers, all sorts of things, what’s with the excessive force?? Senseless killing of a fantastic guy. I will miss my friend Paul.

  • ivan

    Does this mean there wont be anymore Ed Edd & Eddy CArtoons any more????? :( An R.I.P Mr. Boyd.