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Rebecca Sugar Gets It On

Frankly I’m not sure what’s more disturbing: drawings of the Terrytoons characters Sourpuss and Gandy getting it on, drawings of characters from Ed, Edd n Eddy getting it on or drawings of characters from Ratatouille getting it on.

What cannot be denied is that the artist behind all of these, Rebecca Sugar, is ridiculously talented, with drawing skills that are made that much more amazing when one learns that she is a mere twenty years old…she’s certainly an artist with a bright future ahead of her. She also has a website here.

  • Request to Ms Sugar:

    Please stay away from Popeye and Bluto.


  • i had always had sneaking suspicions about Gandy! But SOURPUSS!?? Shocking!!

  • John N.

    Don’t listen to Craig D, he’s a misguided Puritan. That one-eyed sailorman and his musclebound bitch have long deserved exactly the graphic treatment only you can provide. The Internet exists for stuff like yours.

  • Jorge Garrido

    As Jon Stewart once said, given the size of Popeye’s forearms, there is only one rule in the bedroom: no fisting.

    By the way, you all should be ashamed of yourselves…

    (But it WAS funny)

  • Jon

    Drawings are ok. The ideas are witless, though.

  • Aretha M. Schwartz

    uncle wayne, the Gandy and Sourpuss sexual backstory was thoroughly explained by John K. and company in the Mighty Mouse short “The Ice Goose Cometh”, twenty years ago. Viacom refuses to release any of it because they are still ashamed that Paul Terry was so very twisted AND cheap.

  • Word on the street’s Dumbledore is the same way.

  • John N.

    Thou art the misguided one.

    Perhaps if thee spent more time in the stocks thou would reconsider thy shame-filled cartoone fantasies.

    This internet is full of the devil’s graven images!

    Brother Craig

  • To Aretha….thank YOO for that link! YouTubed it immediately!! I am so sorry that i missed that tv show when it was aired. It is SO adult (and SO many in-jokes!) Absolutely hysterical! Thank YOO!!

  • Some Confused Starving Artist

    “What cannot be denied is that the artist behind all of these… is ridiculously talented.”


  • victoria

    What stuff like this is usually called is hentai, though that purtains more to anime characters.

    But such stuff can be found on just about “any” cartoon if you look hard enough…..or even if you don’t really.

  • Craig D. says:
    Perhaps if thee spent more time in the stocks thou would reconsider thy shame-filled cartoone fantasies.

    Rofl. That made my day.
    Someone should email that to all those “disney porn” and “toon porn” websites that are all over the internet. Just to see the reaction.

  • Jim Engel

    She may be talented, but it’s a complete waste of talent.

  • Reminds me of Air Pirate Funnies.

  • Chuck R.

    Forgive me if I don’t comment in Renaissance Festival-ese, but I’m with Jon.

    I’m impressed with the drawings of the dancers though. Reminds me of Lautrec’s pen and ink —that’s a high compliment coming from a huge Henri fan.

  • JeffM

    Is this the state of art these days? Can’t these artist who want to draw porn get their own ideas?

    The art is mediocre at best. Looks like a bunch of scribble.

  • Zach

    I don’t know if you’ve heard, but rule #34 of the internet is: “There is porn of it.”
    I’m sorry. Somewhere out there, it’s too late for Popeye and co.
    God, I want my wholesome childhood cartoon memories back. I really do.

  • If these sketches had been done by some TerryToon or WB artist of the thirties JeffM and SomeStarvingArtist would be lauding them.

  • I’ve seen worse, tasteless slash out there, so this is innocent in comparison.

    I really do enjoy Rebecca’s loose drawing skills (no pun intended!).

  • Ye gods, it’s like you guys have never heard of Tijuana Bibles. There’s an infamous Popeye one… well, without Bluto, but still.

    I’d post a link, but Amid would probably ban me and my perverted ways. ;p

  • There is non-canon porn of every cartoon character combination possible out there. Much of it a lot better-drawn than this.

    Is the fact that one of her pairings happens to be a pre-TV classic cartoon that makes it worthy of Brew attention?


  • amid

    In case it’s unclear, when I called her “ridiculously talented” I was referring to the artist’s drawing skills, not the content of what she was drawing. The quality of draftsmanship in her work (and I have no idea who this artist is beyond what I’ve found online) is of a very high standard. That should be evident to most.

  • Alex

    This isn’t porn! This is *funny* Hell this is hilarious! Yep, she’s pretty awesome! I especially love that bit about Rattatouillie’s death! Ha! [hee hee… felching a rat…]

    The art is great? The writing?! BRILLIANT!

  • Soos

    “She may be talented, but it’s a complete waste of talent.”

    “The art is mediocre at best. Looks like a bunch of scribble.”

    These are doodles that she does in her spare time, for fun. If you’d like to critique her ability or her life, I think it’s unfair not to look at the 100+ page comic she’d done while going to school for the past 3 years.

  • Rebecca’s stuff is great, especially Pug Davis. Those characters seem so alive, full of subtleties in expression. There’s a great flow in the art and pacing, the stories are very entertaining. It’s great to look at, yet I don’t find myself spending too much time on a single page, I keep flipping through to see what happens next. Like a well-directed cartoon, it yanks you into the scene. Only super good comics deliver that kind of reading experience.

  • Dock Miles

    Flow of line like this is rare. The sexual-grappling positions seem less porny and more like interesting ways to pose bodies. (Though I must say, the Ed and Eddy sequence is flat-out funnier than anything I’ve seen on the show.)

    “The Ice Goose Cometh” is one of the most brilliant post-modern cartoons ever made. Gandy lays eggs, but remains an ambisexual male. Mighty Mouse proves he will do whatever it takes to save the day. (Plus, the thought of Deputy Dawg and Muskie at the end is a shudder for the ages.)

  • doug holverson

    At least you don’t have to be a boy anymore to do locker room humor….

  • BTW, the gag from Ratatouille with Remy doing the ‘puppeteer’ act to help Linguini f**k Collette was hysterical! Maybe if the rest had that kind of care behind the gags, it’d be less “WTF” and more “LMFAO”.

  • Nice drawings, sick subject, but nice drawings.

  • I”m going to take my life in my hands to make my appraisal.
    I don’t know what is so remarkable about work of this nature coming from someone 20 years old. I know of preteens who are able to draw on this level. There are interesting ideas happening, but the artwork is inconsistent, and at times uncontrolled. Her pencil drawings are stronger. Her inking, especially with the Linguinni/Collette idea is not the best. I would like to see more of her work. But in all fairness, there are many other 20 year olds already displaying greater skill than this.

  • Dock Miles

    >But in all fairness, there are many other 20 year olds already displaying greater skill than this.

    Well, just trot out the numerous links, fella!

    >For the record, these are doodles. She knocks these out about one a minute.

    For the record, I’d like to know what this implies. That these would be better or different if she spent a couple weeks on them? Fun comes in moments.

  • Soos

    For the record, these are doodles. She knocks these out about one a minute.

  • Woah, thank you Amid for doing a post about me! I can’t believe it!! And thank you for defending me too!

    To Craig D, I’ve never thought about Popeye slash before! Other than S and G, I did some Swat and Slap from “Mr Bug goes to Town,” and Ben Franklin and Amos from “Ben and Me.” All pretty tame though.

    To Chuck R, thank you! I’m a huge Lautrec fan! Lautrec and Cezanne are my two favorite painters.

    To Zach, it really is true. I thought I was the first to draw gay MST3K stuff, but I was wrong.

    To Jessica Plummer, my roommate showed me your dev forever ago, we’re both fans, I really like your caricatures! I know what you mean too, my slash is really girly, I’m embarrassed about that.

    To Aretha and Dock Miles, I love the Ice Goose Cometh!

    To Amir Avni, thanks so much for reading Pug Davis! I’m really glad you like it!

    To Mr. Holverson, I’m going to take that as a compliment!

    And thanks to everybody for looking at my sketches, and thanks again Amid, I’m so honored! Oh and I loved your book!!

    • Wu Hsin

      I feel like if a male cartoonist drew some of this stuff he would be fired, possibly prosecuted…

  • Her comic Pug Davis is amazing, everyone should read it. These fan art pieces are merly quick doodles compared to the work that’s gone into that.

  • “I did some Swat and Slap from “Mr Bug goes to Town,â€? and Ben Franklin and Amos from “Ben and Me.”

    Christ, those are images I did not need in my head. Thanks.

  • Kelly Tindall

    Excellent work… The drawings are quite lovely and have a lot of sophistication. Plus, they’re filthy in a thoughtful and funny way.

    Good job!

  • As a fellow artist who’s done a couple of these type of pics (that have never entered the digital domain), I have the utmost facisnation for work like Rebecca’s. There’s something about them that strikes a chord with me.

  • Peter

    I agree with Kelly Tindall because of his obvious genius.

    No, seriously, Rebecca’s art was a revelation for me. Funny, witty and with amazing linework. I honestly can’t fathom where the people are coming from that are tearing into her above. She’s easily the most promising cartoonist/animator I’ve seen this year and I look at a lot of art online.

    Thanks so much for the link to her site. Pug Davis is a blast and her drawings and doodles had me laughing all afternoon yesterday.

  • DrunkenRagingKlezbian

    Stylistically it’s bland and the subject matter is beaten to death on a daily basis via Deviant Art.

    Great find. A+++ would jerk off to images of cartoon children having sex again.

  • Some Confused Starving Artist

    Ok, ok, the dreaftsmanship is very good and her comic epic is very nice as well. I apologize for my knee-jerk reaction. Perhaps if the original post had started off highlighting something other than her slash-fic? (And since I’m cornered, I’ll admit just a bit of resentment too.)

  • I thought it was hilarious and beautiful and made me want to break my pencils and burn my sketch pad.

    Also I’m pretty sure Popeye would be the bottom if he and Bluto got it on. Although I guess maybe Bluto is kind of the Jake Gilenhall of that relationship. He’s the one that would who would probably make it happen.

  • Tom

    “Please stay away from Popeye and Bluto.”

    Too late, boss. I’ve already “done” Bluto. Months ago. Check out my “Bluto: American Taliban” strip. Recognize.

  • Erin

    Eh, I’ve seen WAY worse. Stumble around the internet search for your favorite Disney character and you’re bound to find stuff considerably more graphic than what she put up, and things that completely violate the source material in every manner possible too. THOSE things are unintentionally funny, being so disturbing they’re outright ludicrous.

  • >>>But in all fairness, there are many other 20 year olds already displaying greater skill than this.

    > Well, just trot out the numerous links, fella!

    Links are not necessary. Just trot yourself over to any accredited art school and you will see.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Admit it, you guys would never be up in arms like this if the subjects were female.

  • Andrew

    Well shit. I found this today and was really interested in seeing what the best artist on Adventure Time did in her heyday. Sadly it’s all been purged and deleted. Damn.