Rising Artist: Paul Cabon

It’s rare to browse through someone’s on-line animation videos and enjoy everything they’ve produced. That’s the happy feeling I experienced watching the work of French animator Paul Cabon. In fact, it was too difficult to choose a single piece of his to share so I’ve included three more of his films after the jump.

His work is packed with fresh visual concepts coupled with strong control of color and shape and a keen sense of humor. His animation of human figures moves in an almost experimental fashion, which is to say it doesn’t follow the rules of conventional character animation but fits perfectly with the rest of his style. Cabon graduated from the French animation school La Poudriere a couple years back.

See more of his work below:

  • Keith McCaffety

    That last one looks really interesting with 3-D glasses. Not 3-D, but really unusual. (Yes, I keep 3-D glasses on my desk.)

  • Fantastisch! Thx!

  • Beautiful stuff.

  • alan

    Yep the last one was super good.

  • They are all, at the very least, interesting. Keith McCaffety was right about the 3D glasses; it gives that film a different look. There’s another film on Vimeo that I like best of all – a boy at school tells the camera about his morning breakfast. It’s in French, but doesn’t really need the translation.
    Thanks for pointing to him, Amid.

  • Paul Cabon

    I come check the blog regularly and that was quite a happy shock i had here.
    Thanks a lot for this post Amid!

  • pretty damn genius, Paul Cabon.