Season’s Greetings Redux Season’s Greetings Redux

Season’s Greetings Redux

Jerry already shared a few of the holiday greetings he received so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites too.

Hands down my favorite greeting of the year: Joe Pelling designed and directed this one for London-based production studio Sherbert. All the models were cut from wood and hand painted (see the making of photos). The spirit of George Pal lives on!

A film by Nicos Livesey, Azusa Nakagawa, Joseph Pelling, and Becky Sloan
Photographed by Thomas Bolwell
Sound by Andrew Kinnear and Joseph Pelling

Colorado-based filmmaker Corrie Francis Parks depicts snow with an ironic use of sand animation.

Queens, NY-based David Sheahan, whose short film Together! earlier appeared on Cartoon Brew TV, created this cheery holiday ditty.

Rio de Janeiro-based artists Cristina Eiko and Paulo Crumbim, who publish a webcomic in both Portuguese and English at, created this greeting.

  • Loved the Pal Puppetoons feeling of the first one.

  • These are all great pieces though I especially love the George Pal piece by Sherbet. They’re the ones who did that beautiful Mastercard House spot a couple of years ago. Snow is also wonderful. Excellent timing and great imagery.

  • Jessica Britton

    Nice to hear the late Jim Reeves voice again, even in “chipmunk” style! Haven’t heard his song “Snowflake” in many years! Also loved the stop-motion and sandtable works, thanks for sharing all those!

  • Sat

    Excellent shorts! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen sand animation and loved it. Bravo!

    • Thanks, Sat. It’s true, there aren’t many of us pushing sand around these days. Glad you enjoyed the little short!

  • Yes, that Sherbert piece is wonderful.
    And of course anything by Dave Sheahan is worth a visit.

  • I love, not just the animation in the Sherbert greeting, but also the nice use of color that’s more teal and red instead of the common green and red. And my god, David’s has me in tears over here! Bravo, Mr. Sheahan, you never disappoint! =D

  • Paul N

    I’ve always been a huge fan of George Pal’s work, and it’s a thrill to see someone revisiting the technique. Love the behind the scenes photos too!