The Fine Art of Animator Len Glasser The Fine Art of Animator Len Glasser

The Fine Art of Animator Len Glasser

Did you know that legendary animation director Len Glasser is also a prolific fine artist. This video shows examples of his metal sculptures, paintings and furniture designs.

Though Glasser spent years working in commercial animation and live-action film, he studied fine art in school. During the 1950s while attending the Philadelphia Museum School of Art, he had an impressive group of art and design teachers including Armin Hofmann, Franz Kline, Melville Price and S. Neil Fujita.

Here are a couple examples of Len’s TV commercials:

  • uncle wayne

    oh my GAWRRD! I remember the American Gothic one like it was yesterday!! Thank YOO!

  • Seeing Len’s film SAFETY SHOES here on BrewFilms was one of the most eye-opening experiences I have had in a long time. Apart from being wildly funny, it clearly was the precursor to many things like it that came afterward. The man paints, sculpts, writes, draws and generally generates more creativity than just about anyone I ever met.

    And I have to thank you Amid, for personally introducing me to Len, who has been unflinchingly generous with his ideas, opinions, recollections over the past year and a half. There’s isn’t an idea or project I haven’t discussed with him that he hasn’t had some laser-sharp insight on. It’s easy to see what made him a genuine whiz-kid on Madison Avenue. He’s still a whiz kid today. The makers of MAD MEN should be picking his brains for reference.

  • steve w.

    Funny stuff. I wonder if Len Glasser’s films inspired the look of the Roger Ramjet TV series; it seems like they have a lot in common.

  • Scott

    The Kix ad was part of a series. I remember at least two others. The “Zilch” liked Kix because they tickled. Another was called a “Colodney.” Among the other chararcters was one who likes Kix because they are fun to dive into. I think another character was called a “Kadiltch,” but I may be mistaken.