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The Fred Moore Girl

Tracy Mark Lee, through his studio Electric Tiki Design, has been working on a maquette based on one of Freddy Moore’s always-appealing girl sketches. Here’s the finished painted piece, above. It’s just under 10″ tall and was sculpted by Kent Melton. Electric Tiki be offering limited edition reproductions in a few months; the price is not set but Lee says it will probably be in the $124.99 range. Check this page for further updates – but in the meantime, we have this little beauty to stare at. Me like!

  • Brody

    Man is that creepy. I feel like I’m gonna get busted for kiddie porn for even having that image in my browser cache

  • Jeffers

    Yowza! It’ll go nicely with Chris Sanders hawaiian girls.

  • Bill

    I would love to have one.

  • Adorable! Makes me hope that Bill Presing has something like this produced, and hopefully before he’s been dead for sixty years.

  • It’s perfect. Brody-she’s eighteen.

  • Jeffers

    Brody, looking at this thing now I guess I can see your point. Anime/Manga always creeps me out for that reason.

    Maybe this guy can make the animated version of Law and Order SVU?

  • Wow this came out fantastic! Love the way she’s lit too.

  • Dang! She’d look awesome over my drawing table.

  • Grayson Ponti

    I want this! perfect for an artist who loves the ladies

  • That’s gorgeous.

  • Sculptor Kent Melton worked with me on developing THE COMPLETELY MENTAL MISADVENTURES OF ED GRIMLEY at H-B; he’s every bit as good drawing at 2-D as he is at sculpting in 3-D! And when it comes to capturing a 2-D cartoonist’s style dimensionally, there simply is no better than the prodigiously talented Mr. Melton!

    • Scott, do you have any contact info for Kent (or his wife, Martha) who were working on a new Bonzo the Dog project but I lost contact with them both after they moved house?

  • No problem. She’s not nude – she’s wearing shoes.

  • Buying.

    Since they have such a great reputation for doing classic cartoon statues, could Electric Tiki do one of Tom & Jerry so I can finally have a statue of them that’s actually on-model??

  • Inkan1969

    If only Walt Disney had permitted Moore to make cartoons based on these sketches. :-)

  • Jenny

    “If only Walt Disney had permitted Moore to make cartoons based on these sketches.”

    He did.

  • top cat james

    Would be awesome paired with a Tex Avery wolf maquette.

  • M Dub

    @ Scott Shaw!

    Totally, off topic, but has anyone ever discussed a DVD release of the Ed Grimley Cartoon? I really dug that show growing up, (especially “Count Floyd’s Scary Stories”) and would love to see how it has held up over the years.

  • uncle wayne

    Damn! Yummmm!!

  • Pedro Nakama

    Looks good but do you know how much porn you can buy for $124.99?
    In this economy? Do ya? Do ya?

  • The girl may be naked, but at least the stool appears to be wearing frilly panties.

  • “If only Walt Disney had permitted Moore to make cartoons based on these sketches.”

    He did.<<<

    What cartoon was that? She kind of look like some girls in Fantasia I believe but I’m not really sure.

    Fantastic figure, she really does look cute.

  • I love it! I would pay for this beautiful piece!

  • Not buying this.

    One: Wife would kill me.

    Two: I’d be going to hell for buying something that’s borderline kiddy-porn. Though DAYUM it’d be worth it.

  • George

    Re: Top Cat James, Kent Melton also sculpted Tex Avery’s Red and Wolfie, the can be had on eBay for quite cheap, and they’re outstanding.

    Re: Roberto, watch the short on Make Mine Music called “All the Cats Join In”.

  • AAH

    I’m a married woman and even i think this is hot. Me wanty.

  • optimist

    A beautiful sculpt. I don’t find it “creepy” in the least, but imho it works better in its unpainted state.

    And while it’s certainly a very nice paint job she would probably read as less babyish if done as a brunette with a slightly different coloring to the rest of her face-again, jmho.

  • Gerard de Souza

    I think it’s exquisite. I would buy one and I have sworn of sculptures because of the heartbreak of accidentally breaking a few in the last couple years. Beautiful work of art.

  • Ub Avery

    “If only Walt Disney had permitted Moore to make cartoons based on these sketches.”

    For those of you who are interested, Fred Moore’s girls show up in the
    “All the Cat’s Join In” segment of “Make Mine Music” and the short “Casey Bats Again”. The links are below.

    Like everyone else, I would love to own it, but am slightly disturbed by it’s borderline kiddy-porn nature.

  • Sad that people would see “child porn” in such an innocent, non-sexual image. It must suck to see the world through those eyes.

  • “If only Walt Disney had permitted Moore to make cartoons based on these sketches.”

    The Centaurettes in Fantasia and the Mermaids in Peter Pan were also Freddy Moore girls. At the Ollie Johnston memorial event at the El Capitan theater, Andreas Deja showed a very short animation clip Ollie did of a Freddy-style girl losing her top which was to be used in a cartoon for our military troops, but never saw completion.

  • Jenny Lerew

    Sad that people would see “child porn” in such an innocent, non-sexual image. It must suck to see the world through those eyes.

    Thank you for writing that, Shane. For my part I’d call it an innocent, unselfconscious sexiness at best, but honestly the appeal for me as an artist of Fred Moore’s girls doesn’t include a turn on factor a la Preston Blair’s Red Hot Riding Hood design. Frankly their handling is very feminine and sympathetic.
    I don’t get the recoil at all. I’ve never heard anyone react that way to the 2D versions.

  • I don’t see it as child porn . First, who says she’s less than 18 years old? Second, it may be erotic or sexy, but not porn. To me porn implies something more dirty.

    In any case people could find it weird that you find cartoon girls attractive, so it’s more like “geek” porn, if anything. But like I said it’s doing in good taste and with an innocent look to it so it’s more erotic than porn.

  • Ub Avery

    “Sad that people would see “child porn” in such an innocent, non-sexual image. It must suck to see the world through those eyes.”


    It’s not that we see the world through those eyes, but we do have to worry about people who see the world through those eyes. People have been prosecuted for owning far less. Mark Evanier recently posted a story about a man who was procecuted on child pornography charges for owning a collection of Manga. It’s enought to make you consider burning your collection of Rumiko Takahashi stories. I know it’s disturbing, but given the way that some of these statues are written you cold be thrown in jail for something as innocuous as a Mary Cassatt poster. Forgive me, but I am unfortunate enough to live in a red state.

  • I can see why people would view this as erotica, but what’s so under-18 about this girl?

  • Vzk

    Now in America, owning that figurine can land you in jail for the rest of your life. Thanks a lot, SCOTUS >:(

  • Wow. . . she’s wearing some. . . tiny shoes.

  • Big beautiful eyes do not an underage character make.

    I mean, honestly.

  • Animedude5555

    Do you know her age? Do you? Well suffice to say, NOTHING has given us her age. To call it kiddie porn you have know she’s under 18. I can tell you right now it’s not unrealistic to assume she’s between 18 and 20 years old. Just because she’s in Disney style, and Disney tends to be for kids, does NOT mean all the CHARACTERS in the cartoons are kids.

    The fact you are seeing her as being underage is proof you yourself have a PERVERTED mind. You WANT her to be underage, for your sick fantasy, even if you claim you think kiddie porn is bad. I looked at her and thought what a darn hot legal 18yo chick! Your claim she’s UNDER 18 is proof of your OWN PERVERSION!

  • Animedude5555

    For all those who believe that (although it’s not something that would effect this picture anyway, no proof she’s underage, and no proof it’s erotic enough to be called porn, instead of “nude art”) underage anime/cartoon porn is illegal, it is NOT. Under George W Bush, laws that banned it were passed not once, but twice. Each law was STRUCK DOWN by the supreme court as unconstitutional, because they argued that cartoons are drawn, drawing = art, art = expression, freedom of expression is protected by the constitution.

    You may have heard of a few people being arrested for this porn anime featuring underage girls (known as loli hentai or lolicon hentai). But these arrests were made during the time that one of these laws were in effect (after passing the law but before the supreme court had a chance to rule against the law).

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