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“The Games of Hunger” by David Stodolny

Dreamworks animator David Stodolny has been working for the past 3 months in evenings and on weekends on this hand-drawn parody of The Hunger Games.

Check out this in-depth, behind the scenes look at how Stodolny created the film – in the video below:

  • So glad to see more of these hilarious shorts. I hope he keeps them coming.

    • I totally plan on it. It’s a nice way to work on some 2D stuff for a change from my daily life as a 3D animator.

      Thanks so much to Jerry for posting this.

      • Fang

        Thank you so much for the making of. I especially enjoyed the first part of the making of as I have always had difficulty on coming up with ideas for my own shorts. I also wanted to thank you for the last bit of advice in the last part of the making of, from now on I am planning on having an “art time” of my own.

  • Taylor Armstrong

    I’ve been digging these parodies, but I’m super stoked on the making-of-featurettes. Such a sucker for those. Thanks for taking the extra step and doing them. Kudos.

  • This is absolutely brilliant stuff! highly entertaining parody with some seriously brilliant animation! I really admire him making the making-of videos for us students and how he manages his time for personal projects! I forgot how important it is to realize something you’ve been wanting to work on! :)

    Keep ’em coming!!

  • Funny stuff.
    I wish, instead of a cherry, she shot a teeny tiny, wafer thin mint into the guys mouth…

  • Charles M.

    Wow, that is low budget but very intuitive. This is a very funny parody and the behind-the-scenes was informative. I hope to get started making my own shorts soon.

  • Marie

    Thanks, Jerry, for posting this and thanks to David for not only creating an entertaining work but for going so in-depth about its creation. I found the making-of videos highly informative and hugely inspirational. Just…thanks!

  • Wow… wouldn’t imagine the parody being darker than the actual film!

  • Really nice animation, and thank you for sharing this making of. It’s nice to see such a good animator that works in one of the biggest studios in the world doing his personal projects and sharing it with everyone. And thank you for the special advice, I think now it’s a good time to finish my actual projects and starting my art nights, and planning something new. Thanks again.