Tuesday: Tribute to Fred Wolf Tuesday: Tribute to Fred Wolf

Tuesday: Tribute to Fred Wolf

A reminder that tomorrow night Cinefamily @ The Silent Movie Theatre will present a tribute to animator Fred Wolf. We’ll screen rare clips from his movies, TV shows, vintage TV commercials (like the one above), and his award winning shorts during a live on-stage interview with Wolf himself.

Wolf will discuss his career starting at Famous Studios in NYC, working with Shamus Culhane in the 50s, Herb Klynn on The Alvin Show, his collaborations with Harry Nilsson on The Point!, with Frank Zappa producing 200 Motels, and with Peter Yarrow to make Puff The Magic Dragon. We’ll also get into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, his producing commercials, shorts and feature films – and how he ended up animating the iconic opening sequence to The Flintstones!

Join me Tuesday night, November 3rd at 8pm. The theatre is at 611 N. Fairfax Ave. just south of Melrose. The first 100 admissions will receive a free DVD of The Point!, and every admission will receive a free Tootsie Pop! Click here to Reserve Tickets.

  • Christopher Cook

    I assume the Fintstones opening Wolf did was the one of Fred sliding off the dinosaur and into his car (as obviously Ken Muse did the original 1960 opening).

  • Gobo

    There’s so much great stuff in this Skippy commercial. The burglar nut’s “ta dah!”, the funky 70s block-lettering Fred Wolf does so well (which Schoolhouse Rock borrowed liberally), the stream-of-conciousness imagery, and the guy at the end about to lose his mind about how awesome it is to have a jar of Skippy wedged in his teeth.

  • Inkan1969

    Was Fred Wolf the head producer of “Wuzzles”?

  • malbow

    I love the commercial! I guess back then they knew that commercials were for selling a product and not like to today where a cell phone commercial tries to annoy you as best they can in under 30 seconds. seriously. I wish I could see this guy, and get a tootsie pop too.

  • Not that I can make it to the tribute, but I hope he discusses his work with Flo & Eddie on the adult animated feature Dirty Duck.

  • Wish I could make it (NJ resident). I would of loved to get my hands on The Point! DVD and check out all the awesome clips and what-not.

    Good luck with the Tribute!