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Vincent Davis 1944-2009

Animation director Vincent Davis (above left) passed away on May 6th. An incomplete list of his credits is on IMDB.

His friend and colleague Mark Kausler (above right) just posted a tribute to his friend on his blog. It’s a must-read.

  • NicKramer

    Man, this has been a not so merry month of May.

  • Sam Filstrup

    Sounds like he was an interesting fellow.

  • Sara

    My condolences to his friends and family. I wasn’t familiar with his name before now, but looking over his IMDB credits, he did a lot of work which I have enjoyed over the years. And looking that the affectionate tribute Mr. Kausler had written for him, it’s clear he was an interesting person who will certainly be missed.

  • Jim Engel

    I’m sorry to hear this…I never met Vince Davis, but I LOVED his comic work. Such a great style—It was like the best of Crumb’s greeting card/rapidograph stuff slam-banged into the best sensibilities of a Golden Age of Hollywood Animator… just beautiful.

    I still remember the day my friend Gary Ricker showed me Davis’ “COMIC BOOK FANS” strip—I was just knocked out by how funny it was and how terrific the art was. Scott Shaw! has the poster of it framed in his bathroom, so I’ve re-read it MANY times over the years…what a talent.

  • Vince was a very funny guy. He was the Woody Allen of animation. We worked together on many projects over the years, and I always enjoyed his sense of humor.

    See you in the big sweatbox upstairs, Vince.

  • I was lucky to know and work with V.D. for years. BREW readers should know of at least one of V.D.’s most historic pieces of animation that has yet to be mentioned anywhere on the web (at least that I’ve seen): HOW MANY LICKS DOES IT TAKE TO GET TO THE TOOTSIE ROLL CENTER OF A TOOTSIE POP?

    That commercial was ALL Vincent Davis. Boards, animation, color. And he’s probably moaning and groaning somewhere at me for telling you that.