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“Ghost in the Shell: Arise” Gets First Full Trailer

For fans of the much beloved franchise, Ghost in the Shell, a prequel to the 1995 anime by Masamune Shirow titled Ghost in the Shell: Arise will be released in four 50-minute parts.

The first installment, Ghost Pain, that will premiere in Japan on June 22, tells the story of cyborg squad leader Motoko Kusanagi, before she joined Public Security Section 9. The series, which is being produced at Production I.G., serves as the directorial debut of Kise Kazuchika, who worked as a key animator on the first two GITS films as well as the television movie, Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society.

  • Saikyo Mantis

    While it looks fantastic, I’m not sure about the four 50-minute parts. Gundam Unicorn is carrying out a similar formula, with waits stretching beyond half a year between installments. Think of all the momentum lost between episodes.

    • Joseph King

      They’re aiming for consistent quality I imagine. Takes time…

    • Daniel Brown

      I don’t mind the big gaps in between if this is what they need to ensure that the quality of their animation and story telling. I’m going to put this one on the same lines of each Evangelion movie that has been released so far with me being excited for each one regardless of gap.

  • The visuals look so stiff and bland compared to the last GiTS television series. It’s starting to look like middle of the road anime. The art direction along with compelling writing has always been what drew me in to the IP so I’m worried that the series might start getting trope-y.

  • Piepe

    why…just why they did it (money of course :) )? it looks as generic as every other anime with proper budget. And all that angst and angry stares..As i loved GitS i will stay away from this as i can

  • That hairdo is so bad. It seems to be a trend lately in anime.

  • Aaron B.

    I’m confident IG can pull it off. Their work on the “movie series” BREAK BLADE (Eng. BROKEN BLADE) was absolutely phenomenal.

  • For a second I thought it was all CG, phew thankfully not.

  • here’s the trailer with english subtitles