Amélie Fléchais Amélie Fléchais
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Artist of the Day: Amélie Fléchais

Amélie Fléchais

Amélie Fléchais is a French illustrator of comic books and children’s books. She also works as a visual development artist for animated productions.

Amélie FléchaisAmélie Fléchais

Amélie posts sketchbook work such as these selections of her mountain vacation-inspired watercolors. The pages are also posted here accompanied by photos of the mountainous area she was visiting. Her work is full of inventive fantasy creatures that seem to be part of a mythical world of her own invention.

Amélie FléchaisAmélie FléchaisAmélie FléchaisAmélie Fléchais

She posts work on her Tumblr, Blogspot, and portfolio website.

Amélie Fléchais
  • Michael Banich

    Great pick, big fan of her blog.

  • tomm

    amelie is amazing – she did some lovely work for us on Song of the Sea …

    • mick

      I was going to mention the similarities. There’s a distinct
      adrien merigeau-iness about some of these drawings … or is it the other way about?

      • Loup Blaster

        What comes first, the egg or the chicken ? What’s the point ?

        • mick

          It was the egg because birds evolved from reptiles, I think… but perhaps you were being retro tickle in that question.

          I like them both so perhaps there is no point in speculation

  • Aw, awesome. I even see a little Yuri Norshtein there.

  • thomascampi

    I love her work