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Artist of the Day: Bob Flynn

Bob Flynn

Bob Flynn is an artist originally from Maine who lives in Boston. He works as the art and animation director at FableVision Studios. Bob additionally writes and draws pieces for SpongeBob Comics and designs characters for Cartoon Hangover’s Bravest Warriors.

Bob FlynnBob Flynn

Above is a rough and finalized SpongeBob spread, and below a design from Bravest Warriors.

Bob FlynnBob Flynn

As a personal pursuit, Bob co-publishes Heeby Jeeby Comix along with David DeGrand, Chris Houghton, and Dan Moynihan. It is an all-ages comic book with spooky, goofy comics in the vein of those found in the defunct Nickelodeon Magazine. It was Nickelodeon Magazine’s demise that inspired these former comics contributors to collaborate on Heeby Jeeby with the intent to fill the kid-friendly cartoony comics void.

Bob FlynnBob Flynn

Bob’s personal cartoon world is full of rubbery and hairy big-eyed monsters that could live comfortably between Dr. Seuss’s and Jim Henson’s creature universes.

Bob FlynnBob Flynn

Bob shares his thoughts on traditional/digital inking and animation tools on his blog. Here is a collection of posts Bob has written about inking and drawing with Flash. Here is his more recent exploration with Toon Boom.

Bob FlynnBob Flynn

Take a look at Bob’s blog, Tumblr, and portfolio to see more work.

Bob Flynn
  • Ty

    Wow, I love these!

  • Chris

    Bob’s amazing. A great storyteller, smart designer, and super nice dude.

  • Mike Scott

    So great.

  • mick

    This guy, Dave Cooper and Nick Cross all embrace a drawing style that you can actually smell. How many drawists can say that? … not many more I’d venture. Hat’s off indeed

  • thermoplasticity

    I would say Basil Wolverton and Dave cooper.

  • Love Bob’s work, thanks for sharing!