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Artist of the Day: Carter Goodrich

Carter Goodrich

Carter Goodrich is an artist who creates illustrations for children’s books, editorial illustrations for magazines, and character designs for animated films. He has contributed designs to films such as The Croods, Brave, Open Season, and Finding Nemo, among others.

Carter GoodrichCarter GoodrichCarter GoodrichCarter Goodrich

Carter’s designs for Despicable Me appear to have been especially faithfully referenced in the final 3D models when compared to some of the other films that he has worked on.

Carter Goodrich

Shrek’s final designs didn’t reference Goodrich’s design work as strongly. Goodrich’s Shrek designs (along with William Steig’s originals and Mike Ploog’s development art for that matter) are all more funny and likable than the designs the film ended up with.

View more magazine cover art, editorial illustration and character design on Carter’s website.

Carter Goodrich
  • Elana Pritchard

    That New Yorker cover is really great.