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“Epic” Artist of the Day: Dan Shefelman

Dan Shefelman

As Blue Sky’s Epic opens theatrically in the United States, we continue our week of featuring artists who worked on the film. Today we look at the work of storyboard artist Dan Shefelman.

Dan ShefelmanDan Shefelman

Dan has worked as a story artist at Blue Sky in addition to doing boards for television series such as The Venture Bros., Robotomy, Celebrity Deathmatch, and Doug.

Dan Shefelman

When drawing caricatures of celebrities and politicians, Dan distorts and renders faces with equal humor in digital paint, marker, pencils, ink and watercolors.

Dan Shefelman

Dan previously worked as an editorial cartoonist for Newsday and continues to draw illustrations and cartoons that you can see on the pages of his website DanShefelman.com.

Dan ShefelmanDan ShefelmanDan Shefelman

Above are a few of Dan’s story drawings from the Ice Age cave painting sequence. The finished version from the film can be seen below: