Eliza Ivanova Eliza Ivanova
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Artist of the Day: Eliza Ivanova

Eliza Ivanova

Eliza Ivanova found employment as an animator at Pixar after graduating from the animation program at CalArts. Her 2011 graduation film was called The Real McCoy:

Eliza decisively models forms while simultaneously incorporating imaginative marks that add style and movement to her drawings.

Eliza IvanovaEliza IvanovaEliza Ivanova

One of the side-projects that Eliza is working on is the independent short film, The Dam Keeper, directed by Pixar art directors Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo.

Eliza IvanovaEliza Ivanova

See more of Eliza’s work on her website.

Eliza IvanovaEliza IvanovaEliza Ivanova
  • GW

    The Real McCoy is a beautiful animated short. I really like how that boxer is so tough that they don’t give up even after losing every last quarter. I’ll be checking out The Dam Keeper.

  • martin

    wow. fantastic stuff.

  • eusong

    too amazing.

  • Aleks Vujovic


  • Philip Vose

    a sweetheart of a gal, and absolute beast of an artist in all it’s forms!!