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“Epic” Artist of the Day: Stephen P. Neary

Stephen P. Neary

This week we’re taking a look at some of the artists who contributed their artistry to the production of Blue Sky’s Epic, which opens in the United States on May 24th.

Stephen P. Neary

First up is Stephen P. Neary, a story artist at Blue Sky who has worked on two Ice Ages and Rio, in addition to Epic. He also creates his own short films such as Dr. Breakfast (embedded below) and Let’s Make Out, which you can find on his YouTube channel.

Stephen P. Neary

Stephen’s train commute provides daily sketchbook time and he shares a lot of drawings on his blog and Tumblr. Also being a pie enthusiast, Stephen naturally has a pie blog.

Stephen P. NearyStephen P. NearyStephen P. NearyStephen P. Neary
  • Charlie


    Only Stephen is now a board artist at Cartoon Network on Clarence!

  • christy

    wow!!! dr. breakfast is awesome!!!!!!!

  • stephen

    wow thank you! also good to have another randeep caricature on the brew.

  • hairy

    yay steven! i love your yellows!

  • Christopher Siemasko

    Randeep is everywhere!!! This is just like my recurring nightmare.
    Great artwork, Stephen, you Rock!

  • BJ Crawford

    Great work, Mr. Neary!

  • Tom LaBaff

    Mr. Neary, what is your favorite breakfast food?

  • m :)

    I love Dr. Breakfast! Symbiotic humor, with touching strangeness. :) makes me think the world could be ok. M…….at least when I watch it!