Hannah Ayoubi Hannah Ayoubi
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Artist of the Day: Hannah Ayoubi

Hannah Ayoubi

Hannah Ayoubi is a recent graduate of the animation program at Cal Arts. She keeps student films produced during her studies here.

Hannah AyoubiHannah Ayoubi

Hannah likes to draw monsters and has created a personal project to direct this monster energy towards. Her Monsters Abroad blog is where Hannah collects her character development sketches from this original project.

Hannah AyoubiHannah Ayoubi

Hannah also blogs here and here where you can find her drawings of all sorts of characters.

Hannah AyoubiHannah Ayoubi
  • Beamish Kinowerks

    What a seriously talented individual! It’s so refreshing to see the humor and levity in all of these pieces.

  • Tim Rauch

    Hannah’s work is fantastic – charming characters, beautiful drawings! She’s gonna be doing big things.