Jake Panian Jake Panian
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“Epic” Artist of the Day: Jake Panian

Jake Panian

Today, we wrap up our week of featuring artists who worked on Blue Sky’s Epic by focusing on the drawings of Jake Panian.

Jake PanianJake Panian

Jake Panian works as a visual development artist at Blue Sky, where he started as a junior designer during the production of Ice Age: Continental Drift. A few of his pieces from that production are below, and some larger pieces can be seen here:

Jake PanianJake Panian

Jake’s personal drawings are often created in pencil and explore how shadows and light impact characters. He posts personal drawings and sketchbook work on his blog JakePanian.blogspot.com.

Jake PanianJake PanianJake Panian
  • Avenida Gez

    The dark side of a distorted mind?

  • Jake Panian

    Wow, Thanks cartoon brew!!

    And @ Avenida Gez: lol!! ;)

  • Zoobies

    Wow! Really beautiful sketch work and gorgeous coloring, especially in the fish paintings on his blog.

  • stephen

    Not only is Jake an exceptional artist, he’s also a very strong man. Seriously, the dudes got guns.

  • Animator606432

    Really love how his work looks. Especially the way he uses shadow and lighting…really impressive. Gonna visit his blog now.

  • luke

    Awesome work :D

  • Daniel Brown

    What beautiful rendered work. Thanks for posting this CB.

  • Jake’s a wiz, love his work!