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Artist of the Day: Jasmin Lai

Jasmin Lai

Jasmin Lai is an artist who works as an effects colorist and background painter on Steven Universe at Cartoon Network. Below is an image that she created that was part of the official, unofficial Steven Universe art zine released by members of the show’s crew this past summer.

Jasmin Lai

Besides animation production work, Lai also freelances as an illustrator, where she applies a well-developed geometric style that is rendered with textured digital brushes. Her third year student film, When I Grow Up, is embedded below, and it displays the same refined design sensibilities:

See more work from Jasmin on her blog, Tumblr, and portfolio website.

Jasmin LaiJasmin LaiJasmin LaiJasmin Lai Jasmin Lai Jasmin Lai
  • Kevin Barber

    Nice approach!