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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Leo Matsuda

Leo Matsuda

Leo Matsuda is a Brazilian artist who works in the story department at Walt Disney Animation Studios. He has previously worked as a character layout artist on The Simpsons and in the story department at Blue Sky Studios.

Leo MatsudaLeo Matsuda

Leo’s blog is full of personal drawings and projects. Leo relates funny stories in storyboard form, such as this one about being ridiculed for his squirrel appreciation. More personal boards about embarrassing, relatable moments are on almost every blog page.

Leo MatsudaLeo Matsuda

His development as an artist is well documented online. You can see Matsuda’s old story portfolio here from his time spent as an intern at Pixar circa 2008. His old portfolio from around the same time is also viewable online. Current work can be seen on his regular blog and Tumblr.

Leo MatsudaLeo MatsudaLeo MatsudaLeo MatsudaLeo Matsuda
  • Sandro Cleuzo

    Leo is a true story artist, his drawings are so much fun.

  • Wow… love his sense of color, and design. So much fun and personality in every one of these. What a great fit for Disney!

  • Axolotl

    SOOOO good!!

  • Sarah

    I took his skillshare class. It’s well worth the $20. I think it’s ongoing.

  • siemasko

    Leo is brilliant!
    He did a brutal caricature of me years ago that still makes me laugh when I think about it.
    Leo’s blog stories are the best!

  • Philip Vose

    effin Leo, maan!!…

  • Max W

    The guy is an incredible animator (hand-drawn), too! Leo, if your films are online, you should post some links! :)

  • Fawn

    Go Leo!

  • Destiny

    Leo, was my classmate. He is extremely talented and nice.