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Artist of the Day: Nate Wragg

Today’s Cartoon Brew Artist of the Day post is sponsored by the CG Master Academy. Sign up TODAY for Nate Wragg’s class Character Design for Animation.

Nate Wragg

Nate Wragg works as an art director and illustrator for animation and book projects, and teaches courses about character design.

Nate WraggNate Wragg

For the production of Toy Story 3, one of Nate’s assignments was to design the new toy characters in Bonnie’s room, including Mr. Pricklepants. See more toy character designs and read Nate’s thoughts about his process in this blog post.

Nate WraggNate Wragg

Nate posts much more personal and professional work on his blog, where you can also find links to the books that he has illustrated including two that are related to Pixar’s Ratatouille.

Nate WraggNate WraggNate WraggNate WraggNate Wragg
  • Toast

    It’s adorable! The sharp flat colors accentuates the bold simple shapes while looking remarkably soft.

  • Nik

    Did he work on the final credits for Ratatouille?