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Artist of the Day: Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor

London resident Sam Taylor directs productions through the animation collective that he’s a part of called The Line. His latest demo reel in which you can see his digital animation work is embedded below:

Sam Taylor

Taylor has been previously mentioned on Cartoon Brew as one of the creative forces behind the dazzling, strange, short film, Everything I Can See From Here, co-created with Bjørn-Erik Aschim. Taylor also worked on the recent Aschim-directed short Wallflowers (below). See more of Sam Taylor’s drawings and characters on his blog.


Sam TaylorSam TaylorSam Taylor Sam Taylor Sam Taylor Sam Taylor
  • I think I see some Yellow Submarine influence here!

  • tomm

    class very inspiring

  • greg manwaring

    Sam is a great guy! I was fortunate enough to work with him on the Illusionist and a commercial in London.

  • Timothy McCourt

    Mr Taylor is the balls our danger