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Artist of the Day

Artist of the Day: Thomas Brissot

Today’s Cartoon Brew Artist of the Day post is sponsored by the CG Master Academy. Register TODAY for The Art of Color and Light taught by Thomas Brissot.
Thomas Brissot

Paris, France
Primary media:
Ecole Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs (Strasbourg, France)
Major projects:
Mars II:Paradise Lost game [Concept artist]
PéoLéo Games and Kazoo Interactive/AcuteGames [Illustrator/concept artist]
FZD School [Teacher]
  • boyraisin2

    I wish I could draw…well.

    • You can. I’ve seen people who transformed their drawing abilities after many hours of practice within 4-5 months. If they can, you can as well. :)

  • The sponsored aspect of this post is weird. Beautiful images, though.

  • Bryce Prevatte

    Beautiful work. I absolutely LOVE the artist of the day posts!