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Artist of the Day: Tuna Bora

Tuna Bora

Istanbul-born, LA-based Tuna Bora works as a freelance visual development artist in Los Angeles, applying her skills to feature animation production, games, commercials and more. In a recent personal project, she co-produced an illustration book with Elsa Chang called Tendre Retrouvailles. A few examples of Tuna’s work from this book are above and below.

Tuna BoraTuna BoraTuna Bora

On her blog, Tuna shares sketches including the animal gesture studies below. These were observed and drawn from the online Figure & Gesture Drawing website which is a useful tool for artists who want convenient drawing practice but don’t have live nude models or wild animals on-hand at that moment.

Tuna BoraTuna Bora

Visit Tuna’s website and Tumblr for character designs, gouache studies and plenty more work.

Tuna BoraTuna Bora
  • Matt

    I worked with her before on some commercials where she was the vis dev artist and I was an animator. Her stuff was always awesome and she is super nice as well. Glad to see she is getting some recognition.

  • Matt Jones

    Tuna’s the best! She did an incredible piece for my ‘Ronald Searle In America’ fundraiser auction which I won! http://ronaldsearleinamerica.blogspot.com/2013/07/tuna-bora.html

  • Chance

    the bear on a bike picture killed me. haha